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Thursday, 12 January 2017

CUSTARD TV PODCAST #174: Unforgotten, No Offence, Taboo and Let it Shine

In the latest podcast we discuss the return of Unforgotten, Endeavour, No Offence, The Voice on ITV and the second Sherlock. New series Taboo and Gary Barlow's Let it Shine.

Listen to "*FIXED* January continues to impress" on Spreaker.

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@welladriansays said...

Enjoyed this a lot!

I live in Canada and get to watch UK tv - and experience other media,such as music in a bit of a vacuum. When I see or hear something new, it comes without the filter of puff pieces in the mail or mirror, it comes without having heard chat show hosts or people at the water cooler condemning stars because they have done something in their private lives or joked about a newspaper owner.

Generally I prefer to find stuff this way,having no preconceptions is a nice way to approach almost anything. It was nice to listen to the podcast though and hear so many of my own thoughts expressed. - Confirmation can be nice too.

It was especially nice to hear that people like Nicola Walker, Joanna Scanlan and Adeel Akhtar are getting some of the respect they deserve. Joanna comes at it from a slightly different angle,because her performances come out of comedy, but she is still remarkable at conveying things that give her characters a third dimension. Walker and Akhtar are both incredible.

I know people like to complain that tv has gone to the dogs, but amongst the floods of reality and talent shows, TV Has been putting out some of the best dramas,series and comedies ever. - Even revered shows like Prime Suspect have been blown away with the likes of Happy Valley, River, etc. And I don't think Inspector Morse would last two seconds in a police station with Scott and Bailey.

I have no idea how a show like Mrs Browns Boys exists, but if TV is still going to turn out gems like the Detectorists, Mum, Fleabag and Carshare, then I can't really complain.

And having knocked Mrs Brown, I'd also like to praise Coronation Street, but mostly for what it represents, which is a proving ground and finishing school for some of the best talent from the North. I think Scott and Bailey has has 5 or 6 ex-Rovers barmaids appear in it and is written by ex-Corrie stars with input from former Corrie writer Sally Wainwright. Then there's Happy Valley, Last Tango etc. etc. - It's the RADA of the North

Anyway, that's my two cents worth, loved the podcast !

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