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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Series 2 of The A Word starts filming

The cast of BBC One's The A Word have started filming for the second series.

The story picks up two years on from where we left it and Joe, who is played by Max Vento is now seven and he has begun to look at the world and find he doesn’t fit in.

Writer and creator Peter Bowker explains: "Autistic is a word Joe has heard but can’t yet understand. Different is what he feels, and fears might be something bad. It's up to the whole family to help Joe make sense of who he is and his place in the world. But to do that, they must first be honest about themselves..."

The six-part drama revisits the funny, messy, mixed-up lives of the Hughes and Scott families as they struggle to do their best as parents, carers, lovers... and to work out what’s really important in the face of nothing ever feeling normal.

The A Word returns this Autumn on BBC One

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