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Thursday, 13 April 2017

CUSTARD TV PODCAST #184: Prison Break, Car Share, Guerrilla and Bucket

We look at the BAFTA nominees and those who missed out. We review the Prison Break revival, Line of Duty, Broadchurch and Guerilla. We also look at new BBC Four comedy Bucket and the welcome return of Peter Kay's Car Share.

Listen to "BAFTA snubs, Car Share, and Broadchurch Anger" on Spreaker.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoying your podcast on a lovely Saturday afternoon in Australia. Broadchurch has been shown here on a Friday after the Monday first run in the UK, so we saw episode 7 here last night. Oh deary me, it really is awfully written, isn't it? Unlike most people I thought the first three or four episodes were quite good and I was hopeful we had gotten over the festering garbage fire that was series 2. The obsession with the sadsack Mark Latimer character dragged it down and I found his apparent suicide actually pretty moving but of course Chris Chibnall had to scratch that scab again and so we got even more soggy scenes last night. Bad, bad writing, full stop. Unlike Line of Duty which is able to kill off lead characters at will, Broadchurch can't bear to do anything remotely shocking. (Line of Duty 4 is amazing so far! Loved the first three which have all been shown here to great acclaim. So much so I have had to resort to ways of catching up with the latest series as it hasn't started yet!) I would bet money that the vicar will be guilty as that's the kind of lazy copout the show revels in. So sad that what was once a good series has degenerated into such dross. I will watch next week to find out whodunnit but really couldn't care less. Not surprisingly this series of Broadchurch has loss around half the viewers over previous series and is only getting around 600,000 viewers which is incredibly low for a Friday night show. Both Vera and Death in Paradise thrashed it in the ratings.

Keep up the good work. Love listening to you guys to get the headsup for what is showing in the UK and is heading our way.

Although Broadchurch will be a downer, new Line of Duty!!!! And tomorrow new Doctor Who!!!! Unlike Broadchurch, Doctor Who gets huge ratings here and is often one of the top rated shows of the week. Looks like this year will be even better than 2015. Hope the new series rates well in the UK. Really sad though that Chris Chibnall is taking over next year as based on how bad Broadchurch is, I think he will turn it into a mess after some great series.

Luke said...

Thanks so much for your kind words. I agree completely with everything you said. I'm watching Broadchurch out of habit rather than enjoyment. Send us an email Custardtvreviews@gmail.com and let us know what you make of the final episode.

Luke said...

Also, are there any Australian dramas you'd recommend us watch?

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