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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Edinburgh TV Fest: What we Learnt from BBC3 and BBC4

On Day 2 of The Edinburgh TV Festival we heard from the controllers of both BBC Three and BBC Four as they spoke about the year just gone and what's to come on the two channels.

BBC Four

  • Previewed new slow TV show The Monastery which follow the life's of monks in three monasteries throughout England. The Monks involved were initially hesitant but were happier when they were told they didn't need to be interviewed. 
  • The channel has 'an appetite for experimentations with shows like Queers which has aired recently. 
  • The channel previewed "The Man Who Sleep in cars" a new verse series voiced by actress Maxine Peake which looks at homelessness.
  • The channel teased a brand new music doc Nile Rodgers: How to Make it in the Music Business.
  • Mackenzie Crook and Toby Jones will return for a third series of Detectorists soon.

BBC Three 

  • The channel previewed an 8-part sort drama entitled Overshadowed from playwright Eva Oconnor based on her anorexia.
  • The channel also announced a 'multi strand' series looking at Brits going on their first holiday.
  • The channel proudly announced new documentaries -  Life and Death Row - the Arkansas Hate Crimes, Love and Hate Crime, Drugsland and Valley Cops
  • The audience in Edinburgh were genuinely shocked when they were shown a preview of Sex Drugs and Murder - continuing documentary about the first legalised prostitution area in Leeds.
  • The controllers of the channel say being online allows them to 'play with structure'.

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