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Friday, 8 September 2017

First Look: Young Sheldon

CBS in America have started trailering Big Bang Theory prequel Young Sheldon. We've long grown tired of The Big Bang Theory which is still plodding along on CBS. We shook our heads with despair when the idea of visiting Sheldon Cooper's upbringing was first announced, but when the trailers started surface our opinion softened. The casting of young Iain Armitage who came to our attention earlier this year as Ziggy in the brilliant Big Little Lies only served to intrigue further. Then the casting as Zoe Perry as Sheldon's deeply religious mother seemed a smart decision too. Perry is the daughter of  Laurie Metcalf, a veteran name in US comedy and happens to play Sheldon's mother in the original series.

So, so far so good? The producers have also made a sensible decision when it comes to the tone. The show has more in common with The Wonder Years than the show it has spawned from. Jim Parsons narrates key moments but it looks more family friendly and has a warmth that Big Bang has never been able to capture.

We're saying all this based on the trailers which does its job well. Our opinions might change when we see the finished product. Iain Armitage has tricky tightrope walk between the precocious young boy who's intellect exceeds his peers and the young boy we're supposed to root for.

As of time of writing this Young Sheldon doesn't have a UK home but I think it's fair assumption that E4 will plump for it given how well Big Bang does for them. It'll be very interested to see how the Big Bang audience react to this more sedate quieter show when it debuts later this month.

 Young Sheldon, will have a special premiere behind the season opener of Big Bang on Monday, Sept. 25, before launching in its regular Thursday post-Big Bang slot on Nov. 2.

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