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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

REVIEW: Trauma Ep2 - Dan's obsession spirals out of control.

The groundwork laid out by last night's opener hits rocky terrain as the intrigue turns into predictability. Jon's descent into madness is the biggest example. Not content with gaining work at the coffee shop right at the hospital entrance in order to keep his beady eye on Mr. Allerton, he's breaking into private meetings (again, unchallenged) at the exact time they discuss Alex's death. He files complaints to the hospital and to the police. He takes a picture of the surgeon being supported by colleague Nora and the clinch looks deceptively romantic. Naturally Bowker sends them to Jon's wife Lisa but not before the highlight scene from an episode that mostly struggled to escape its own limitations.

It transpires that Lisa is a psychologist and guess whose booked an appointment with her? Wee Jimmy Krankie. Only kidding, it's Jon, obviously. In a tense and uneasy few minutes Simm conveys a hinged man unravelling. The door is coming loose and revenged has entered. He's passive aggressive, edgy and creepy when he eyes up her dress and admits he'd like to have sex with her.

The strengths of part two lie away from the duelling men. We get more of Jon's wife Susie too as their marriage struggles. She nonchalantly says "Do you wanna try fucking each other at some point?" and when he does try he buys her a dress. You know full well it'll be the same dress that Lisa was wearing. Well, hopefully not the exact same one or she'll have a rather cold walk home. His dirty talk could do with a bit of work though. In the clinch of highly awkward passion he admits to losing his job. Yeah baby.

Dan isn't the only one spiralling out of control. The strain is showing on Jon. The pressure his nemesis puts on him makes him feel claustrophobic. He snaps at a patient's relative and visits Susie at home but the crunch comes when he sets up a plan with his manager to make the problems disappear. There are strong hints that Allerton is a functioning alcoholic. His jittery hands are focused upon and later we get a close up shot of a wine glass in his hands but is it actually a medical condition he is trying to hide?

Dan has lost someone close to him and by the time the credits roll, it's clear he knows justice will fail him. Targeting the surgeon's family is the back up plan. Hurt the people close to him and he will suffer more. With that, he lovingly looks at a knife (with more lust than he looks at his wife) and heads to their home where daughter Alana answers the door. Some good twists in the finale should save Trauma from critical care.

Trauma Continues Tomorrow at 9.00pm on ITV.

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