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Tuesday, 24 April 2018

BBC Two trails the final series of The Bridge

BBC Two have released the first look at the final series of The Bridge 

The last case for Saga Noren will see Sofia Helin’s character reunited with partner Henrik (Thure Lindhardt) in what the creators are calling a “heart-stopping concluding case that tests their very special relationship to its limits both professionally and personally”.

Two years after the conclusion of series three, Swedish detective Saga Norén is in jail, accused of murdering her mother. And she’s not coping. More introverted and socially incapable than ever, the brilliant cop is only just managing to follow systems and schedules that aren’t her own. And, as a member of the police force, she’s a walking target for criminals bearing a grudge. Although there’s new evidence being examined which may exonerate her, it’s unclear whether she’ll last long enough for the legal process to play out.

It's not spoiling too much to reveal the murder victim is a Danish government official, in charge of the country’s Immigration Board. Is the perpetrator motivated by anger at the department’s deportation policies? Or is there a more personal angle? And due to stoning being the method used, the police consider whether it’s an attack by an extremist group.

The series, which aired in January in Scandinavia has been hailed as one of the best yet.

The Bridge starts on BBC Two on Friday 11th May at 9pm, all previous series’ are available on iPlayer now. Sofia is also supporting WaterAid’s Water Effect campaign; wateraid.org

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