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Monday, 17 December 2018

The CUSTARD TV PODCAST: 2018 - Our Top 10 International shows of the year!

I don't personally believe the UK has had the strongest year when it comes to diverse, exciting and memorable TV. A lot of our favourites of the year have either come from the US or Scandinavia. The end of a TV year means we get to discuss our favourite TV all over again. In the first of two new podcasts, we count down our Top 20 shows of the year. 10 from the international side of things, and 10 from the UK. In this first list, we count down our top 10 favourites from the US and elsewhere. It's been a strong year with BIG shows including Killing Eve (which first aired in the US and so is only eligible for this list) The Handmaid's Tale, Sharp Objects and The Bridge. But what came top?

Listen to "2018: Our top 10 International shows of the Year" on Spreaker.

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Listen Out for Our Top 10 UK shows of the Year soon.

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