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Monday, 14 January 2019

CUSTARD TV PODCAST #251: Manhunt, Sex Education and Cleaning Up

The Custard TV Podcast is the TV podcast for TV lovers from TV obsessives. This week Luke and Matt are joined by site contributor Stephen Patterson to review ITV's true crime drama Manhunt with a chat with writer Ed Whitmore. ITV's new drama Cleaning Up. US comedy Better Things currently airing on BBC Two and new British comedy Sex Education which is streaming worldwide on Netflix.

As a guest on the show Stephen takes on the ultimate TV Quiz in 'BoxMaster' and we discuss the Most Disappointing Netflix Original?

00:16.57  REVIEWManhunt
00:21.58 INTERVIEW - Manhunt writer Ed Whitmore
00:35.33- REVIEW - ITV's Cleaning Up
00:40.42 - REVIEW - BBC2'S Better Things
00:46.57 - REVIEW - Sex Education on Netflix
00:57.57 BoxMaster - The Ultimate TV Quiz

Listen to "Manhunt (including interview writer Ed Whitmore) Sex Education and ITV's Cleaning Up" on Spreaker.

Also, we're looking for suggestions for a new feature called 'The Rewind'. It's an opportunity for us to watch or re-watch a show as a group. The show has to be accessible on either the iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon, or NOWTV. The idea being that we'll all watch an episode a week. Get in touch with your suggestions either on twitter @LukeCustard or @CustardtvPod or send an email at Custardtvreviews@gmail.com

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