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Sunday, 6 January 2019

REVIEW: Luther's penultimate episode.

The Luther / Alice dynamic reaches ever more complicated levels following our favourite psychopaths' murder of George's son. Though it might not be to the liking of most fans, pitting the two together in a battle is the only logical conclusion in a highly Illogical relationship. They are dangerous for each other and it surely can only end badly. However, the warfare set up so expertly last episode diminishes all too quickly. Well, after Alice almost runs him over with a car.

But even then it's a marriage of convenience and once again they use each other for their own nefarious means. They team up to save Benny and Mark's home once again becomes a hostel for the maladjusted. In the meantime, we learn of long-standing connections between Shenk and George but the evil cockney's sniper has his gun trained on Mark, Benny and Alice. Colleagues of Luther only have a set amount of lives as Benny is coldly shot in the face. Another body, another fine mess. All over Mark's nice sofa too. It's shocking but not surprising. The show's protagonist unravelling like never before. The body count is increasing and nobody feels safe.

This has all the hallmarks of being the last ever series because not only have historic characters returned but references to past events too. If Luther really is going out then it will, as the trailer alluded to, hurt.

Back to the case (remember that?!) and Jeremy's hand luggage is now tied up in the basement and the cold speech he delivers is creepy. Vivien's "help" is just as sinister as it involves morbid tools. The crime elements takes a back seat and that's to the detriment of that side of the story. With endgame in sight, Luther is the main focus so it's an understandable choice Neil Cross has made. While not quite as compelling as episode two, the tension and shocks mostly made up for it. Things are set up for an incredible finale.


- It's difficult to find a situation where both Luther and Alice come out of this alive.

- If Luther does walk away from the wreckage surely there's too much damage, too many bodies floating under his metaphorical bridge, to survive his job?

Contributed by Michael Lee

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