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Sunday, 17 February 2019

First Look: Killing Eve series 2 gets a trailer.

BBCAMERICA have released the first full trailer for the highly anticipated second series of Killing Eve. The award-winning series will return to BBCAMERICA and parent channel AMC in April but we still don't know when we'll see it on the BBC. According to an article on Entertainment Weekly  This minute-long preview offers flashes of Eve talking too loudly in front of strangers in the park, returning to the hunt for Villanelle, running her hands over a knife for just a little too long, receiving a package of roses, witnessing a hit-and-run, and seemingly tracking down you-know-who to Apt. 201. Meanwhile, Villanelle collapses in a hospital, walks through a neighborhood in cartoon pajamas, informs someone that she is looking for a kitchen knife to stab them with, dresses up in a disturbing porcine outfit, utter, “Sometimes when you love someone, you do crazy things,” and seemingly watches you-know-who through the peephole in Apt. 201.

The series returns to BBCAMERICA on April 7th with the BBC staying tightlipped on when they'll broadcast the series. IF they stick to the schedule last year then fans can expect to wait till September by which time they'll be able to binge the series on iPlayer, but it might be a risk to leave it so long with a show that people are so obsessed with. The show was named the best of the year in last year's CustardTVPodcast.

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