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Monday, 18 February 2019

CUSTARD TV PODCAST #254: Baptiste, Endeavour, Trapped & Greyzone

The Custard TV Podcast is the TV podcast for TV lovers from TV obsessives. This week Luke and Matt are joined by site contributor Will Barber-Taylor to review the returns of ITV's Endeavour and Icelandic drama Trapped. We also look at new BBC1 drama Baptiste and new Walter Presents series Greyzone. 

As a guest on the show, Will takes on the ultimate TV Quiz in 'BoxMaster' and we talk about the series we initially dismissed but ending up falling in love with.

00:12.45  REVIEW - Baptiste - Episode 1 (BBC1, BBC iPlayer)
00:22.48 REVIEW - Endeavour - Series 6 - Episode 1 (ITV HUB)
00:30.58- REVIEW - Trapped - Series 2 - Episodes 1 & 2 ( BBC4, BBC iPlayer)
00:40.26 - REVIEW - Greyzone - Episode 1 (Walter Presents - All4)
00:51.06 - BoxMaster - The Ultimate TV Quiz

Listen to "Baptiste, Endeavour, Trapped and Greyzone" on Spreaker.

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