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Monday, 15 April 2019

CUSTARD TV PODCAST #259:The Victim, The Widow, Don't Forget the Driver, Barry

The Custard TV Podcast is the TV podcast for TV lovers from TV obsessives. This week Luke and Matt are joined by site contributor Sarah Kennedy to review BBC1's week-long drama The Victim ITV's new drama The Widow, new 'comedy' Don't Forget the Driver and the return of HBO's Barry to Sky Atlantic.  

As a guest on the show, Sarah takes on the ultimate TV Quiz in 'BoxMaster' and we discuss the TV characters we'd like to spend the day with.

00:07.43  REVIEW - The Victim - Episode 1  (BBC1/BBC iPlayer)
00:17.00 REVIEW - The Widow - Episode 1 (ITV/ITV HUB)
00:26.34- REVIEW - Don't Forget the Driver - Episode 1 (BBC2/BBC iPlayer)
00:35.58 - REVIEW - Quicksand - Episode 1 (NETFLIX)
00:46.23 - BoxMaster - The Ultimate TV Quiz
00:55.25 - REVIEW - Barry  - Episode 1 (Sky Atlantic/NOWTV)

Listen to "The Victim, The Widow, Don't Forget the Driver, Barry" on Spreaker.

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