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Friday, 19 July 2019

The Most Watched Shows of 2019 (So Far)

tellymix have released the list of the most-watched shows of the year so far.

The current top ten sees ITV and BBC each recording five of the most-watched programmes to date.

Up to July. Official BARB 7-day TV set catch up figures including +1 and HD channels.
Highest rated single episode, instalment or match per channel.

The list sees BBC1's megahit Line of Duty come top with ITV's Britain's Got Talent trailing it as runner-up.

The Most-Watched of the Year (So Far)
1. Line of Duty - 12.1 million (BBC One)

2. Britain’s Got Talent - 10.2 million (ITV)

3. Manhunt - 9.0 million (ITV)

4. Call the Midwife - 8.9 million (BBC One)

4. Women's World Cup, England vs. United States - 8.9 million (BBC One)

6. Luther - 8.8 million (BBC One)

7. Cleaning Up - 8.5 million (ITV)

8. Cheat - 8.2 million (ITV)

9. Death in Paradise - 8.2 million (BBC One)

10. Coronation Street - 8.1 million (ITV)

It'll be interesting to see what will make the cut when we reach the end of the year. Will there be a drama that can topple Line of Duty from the top spot?

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