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Tuesday, 16 July 2019

The TVweek: Monday 22nd - Friday 26th July 2019

9.00pm Who Do You Think You Are? BBC1 - New series of the show that looks at celebrity genealogy beginning with Daniel Radcliffe. 
Notable Continuing Series:  Big Little Lies 9.00pm, Sky Atlantic
9.00pm Keeping Faith BBC1 - The legal drama returns, with Faith taking on the case of a farmer accused of murdering her husband 18 months after her own spouse's unexplained disappearance. The case puts her on a collision course with the police, her colleagues and the community, as the truth about her husband finally begins to come to light.
9.00pm How the Middle-Class Ruined Britain BBC2 - Working-class Tory and leave-voting comedian Geoff Norcott sets out on a mission to expose the middle-class hypocrisy that he believes is ruining Britain, looking at education, the gentrification of parts of big cities, and the worlds of dating and politics.
Notable Continuing Series: 24 Hours in A&E, 9.00pm, Channel 4
10.00pm I Am Channel 4 - The first episode of a female-led drama anthology series, starring Vicky McClure as a hairdresser dissatisfied with her life and envious of her customer's exciting new experiences. Her partner views her desire for a change as a personal attack, sending their relationship into a downward spiral of arguments, guilt and reconciliation.
8.00pm Eat Well for Less BBC1 - The One Show presenter Alex Jones and business journalist Steph McGovern return to help more families change the way they shop.
Orangutan Jungle School Channel 4 - The series following life inside the world's biggest orangutan rehabilitation centre, the Nyaru Menteng Orangutan Rescue Centre in Indonesian Borneo, returns.
9.00pm Animal Babies: First Year on Earth BBC2 - Cameras follow six baby animals as they learn the basic skills needed to face the challenges of surviving their first year on Earth.
9.00pm Caught on Camera: Holidays from Hell Channel 4
Notable Continuing Series: Better Things 10.00pm, BBC2
10.35pm Our Borough: Love and Hustle BBC1 - Two-part documentary looking behind the headlines to tell the stories of young people living in North London impacted by youth violence.
9.00pm Fake or Fortune? BBC1 - Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould investigate more potentially valuable works of art.
9.00pm Broke BBC2 - Documentary lifting the lid on people's personal finances, revealing how despite having jobs thousands of families across Britain are struggling to make ends meet. It follows nine families during a critical year as their financial future hangs in the balance. They include a father and son who, after losing their full-time jobs, also lost their house, meaning they now live in tents on the beach, and a former celebrity photographer now working as an Uber driver.
9.00pm Sewer Men ITV - The sewer workers at West Midlands water company Severn Trent have an unenviable task on their hands. This two-part documentary follows them as they unblock thousands of toilets and drains and delve down sewers clogged with all sorts of waste.
9.00pm Lethal Weapon ITV - Third season of the US action comedy based on the film of the same name.

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