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Monday, 26 August 2019

WATCH: The BBC launches autumn trailer.

As summer comes to an end, the BBC is ready to kick off autumn nights with a raft of enthralling, exhilarating and must-see dramas coming this autumn/winter.

Tommy Shelby is back with Peaky Blinders moving to BBC One for its hotly anticipated fifth series and it begins with the world thrown into turmoil by the financial crash of 1929. Also taking us back in time is World on Fire which follows the first year of World War II told through the intertwining fates of ordinary people drawn from across Europe and the United States as they grapple with the effect of the war on their everyday lives.

Taking us to alternative universes, an adaptation of critically-acclaimed young adult novel Noughts + Crosses is a gripping story of first love in a dangerous, other world where racism divides society whilst His Dark Materials, based on Philip Pullman’s epic fantasy trilogy of novels, begins with the story of Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon, who live a happy existence in Oxford until the glamorous Mrs Coulter shows up.

Set during the height of the Celtic Tiger financial boom of the millennium, psychological crime drama Dublin Murders is drawn from Tana French’s internationally bestselling Dublin Murder Squad novels; whilst The Trial of Christine Keeler takes a fresh look at one of the most infamous British stories - the chain of events in the 1960s that came to be known as the Profumo Affair.

Acutely timed new thriller The Capture looks at a troubling world of fake news and the extraordinary capabilities of the intelligence services, whilst domestic noir drama Gold Digger, tells the story of a wealthy 60-year old falling in love with a much younger man, and the effect it has on her already damaged family.

Crossing over into winter, A Christmas Carol is a unique and original take on the Charles Dickens’ iconic ghost story and a haunting, hallucinatory, spine-tingling immersion into Scrooge’s dark night of the soul.

And over on BBC Two, ambitious eight-part global drama Giri/Haji is an intricate and soulful thriller that explores the butterfly effect of one murder over two cities, London and Tokyo.

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