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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

The TVweek: Saturday 16th - Thursday 21st May 2020

6.00pm Eurovision: Come Together BBC1 - With Eurovision 2020 unable to go ahead as planned, Graham Norton gives viewers the chance to vote for their all-time favourite Eurovision song from an eclectic shortlist, selected by a panel of experts. Graham also chats to James Newman, who was due to represent the UK in Rotterdam this year. There are previews of some of the other most talked-about acts who were due to take to the stage this year, and Eurovision fans and recreate classic moments in their homes. Former UK act Sonia even takes on the Epic Sax Guy solo that became so infamous after the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest.
8.00pm Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light BBC1 - A special programme honouring all 41 songs that would have competed in the 2020 Eurovision song contest. Just like the contest itself, the live show will be simultaneously broadcast across Europe and beyond, and will be hosted from the Netherlands by Dutch presenters Chantal Janzen, Edsilia Rombley and Jan Smit. There will be a virtual singalong, where fans from across the world will dress up and form a huge Eurovision choir to perform Johnny Logan's winning song for Ireland in 1980, What's Another Year. Graham Norton provides live commentary.
10.00pm The A-Z of Eurovision BBC2 - Rylan Clark-Neal narrates this compilation of all things Eurovision, on the evening of what would have been the global singing contest's 2020 event in Rotterdam. The alphabetical guide recalls some of the greatest moments in the show's 64-year history - as well as those perhaps best forgotten. Highlights include the best interval acts, comic voting gaffes and the funniest commentary moments from Terry Wogan and Graham Norton - not to mention dancing gorillas, Polish butter churners, fainting backing singers and Celine Dion on a tractor.
Notable Continuing Series: Walking with Elephants, 9.00pm, Channel 4
                                                   Killing Eve, 9.15pm, BBC1
Notable Continuing Series: Normal People, 9.00pm, BBC1
9.00pm Monkman & Seagull's Genius Guide to Britain BBC2 - Eric Monkman and Bobby Seagull travel around Britain as they explore their favourite scientific breakthroughs, beginning with the 18th-century inventions that kick-started the Industrial Revolution and transformed scientific understanding.
9.00pm Harry's Heroes: The Full English ITV - Harry Redknapp takes his team of ex-England players on a European tour, as they prepare for a rematch against the German Legends on their own soil. They begin in France at a self-catering hotel in the quiet medieval town of Provins, where Harry wants them to be on a detox and cook their own healthy food, but they don't even get through the first night without hitting the beers and ending up at the curry house. Continues Tomorrow, Concludes Wednesday.
11.00pm  Ramadan Lockdown Channel 4 - Short films finding out how Britain's Muslims are observing the holy month of Ramadan during the Covid-19 pandemic, from creating mosques in their living rooms to adapting age-old funeral rites.
Notable Continuing Series: The A Word 9.00pm, BBC1
9.00pm A Very British Hotel Chain: Inside Best Western Channel 4 - Documentary on the hotel company, which has 265 outlets across the United Kingdom, following its staff as they try to make a profit in the face of tough competition. In the first episode, recently-hired CEO Rob Paterson talks about rejuvenating the brand, tasking his team at the company headquarters in York with doubling their membership to 500 hotels in just two years. Meanwhile, hotel inspector Alasdair travels to the Lake District to assess if a newly-signed hotel is up to brand standards.
9.00pm Coronavirus: Elderly in lockdown Channel 4 - As the country prepares for the easing of lockdown, this documentary tells the stories of the elderly and vulnerable people self-isolating during the coronavirus crisis, for whom lockdown may continue for many more months. Featuring people from all over the nation and filmed on location, their stories convey the immense challenge of being especially vulnerable in the midst of a pandemic. Suzanne, who has terminal cancer, has come up with a novel approach to seeing her friends, while Desmond has been forced to move in with his daughter and granddaughter to avoid the virus, which has already taken the lives of at least four of his friends.
9.00pm Climbing Blind BBC4 - Documentary about Jesse Dufton and his attempt to take on the challenge of becoming the first blind person to lead a climb of the Old Man of Hoy in Orkney, Scotland. At four years of age, Jesse was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, a rare genetic disease that breaks down the retina's cells. When he was 20, Jesse could no longer read. By the time he was 30, he could only detect light, with around a one to two per cent field of view. As a lifelong climber, what Jesse has achieved flies in the face of adversity, training for world cup events and leading traditional rock climbs with his sight guide and fiancee Molly. Now, his attempt on the Old Man of Hoy is testimony to his ambition to take on new and greater challenges, despite his devastating condition.
9.00pm Celebrity Gogglebox USA E4 - A rolling cast of famous faces in the US turn their hand to being the country's most opinionated viewers as they critique the week's TV.
Notable Continuing Series: Run,9.00pm, Sky Comedy
9.00pm Uncovevered: Killed by Hate Sky Crime - The stories of some of the most brutal hate crimes committed in America, told in unflinching detail by the survivors, families, witnesses and investigators.
7.30pm Stacey Dooley Investigates BBC1 - Documentary-maker Stacey Dooley is stuck in her flat like many of the UK. But armed with social media and a network of contacts, she reaches out to people across the country in search of those who are helping others. They include Wigan teacher-turned-scrub maker Charlotte, who works 14-hour days to provide protective equipment for health services; charity worker Freya, who chose to continue her work in Greece rather than fly home to be with her mother; and Glasgow man Jonathan, just one of the volunteers providing food for the city's homeless.
9.00pm What's the Matter with Tony Slattery? BBC2 - Tony Slattery was one of the most gifted TV comedians of the late 1980s and early 1990s, only to disappear from screens in 1996 amid rumours of a massive breakdown. As he approaches 60, he has been touring the country with a show that explores his past and his mental health. Although depression was diagnosed, he and his partner Mark Hutchinson are convinced he may have bipolar disorder, so Tony wants to have his mental health reassessed. But it will mean opening up about his addictions and a painful event in his childhood.
10.00pm The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off Channel 4 - Another chance to see this landmark documentary following the last months in the life of 36-year-old Jonny Kennedy, who suffered from dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, which caused his skin to fall off at the slightest touch. Refusing to shy away from the grim reality of his condition, Jonny displayed a wicked sense of humour, chatting up Nell McAndrew at a charity event, choosing a coffin with a baked-bean can motif and making a decision to live on his own.


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