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Tuesday, 4 May 2021

NEWS: Rose Matefo's Starstruck to return for a second series

 The BBC have confirmed that romantic comedy Starstruck from Rose Matefo will return for a second series.

 In February, she told comedian James Nokise on his Eating Fried Chicken In The Shower podcast that when filming was postponed from March 2020 because of coronavirus, "the producer came out of a meeting and was like 'so, little change of plans, we are shifting all of the filming to October and you are going to write a second series of the show'".

The first series, which is airing on Monday nights on BBC One and is all available on the iPlayer sees Matefo star as Jessie, a woman having an on-and-off relationship with an international film star.

                     Starstruck is now streaming on the BBC iPlayer.

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