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Thursday, 9 September 2021

My vision for the future of thecustardtv.com

Those of you who have visited the site recently will know I've not been updating it. Yes, TV's been a little on the light side thanks to the football and Olympic coverage, but also I've been feeling slightly disillusioned with what the terrestrial broadcasters are churning out. 

I've been running the site for over ten years and television has changed dramatically in that time.

The rise of the streamers has been a huge game-changer in terms of the way TV is consumed. Back in the early part of the noughties, binging consisted of watching all four episodes of Friends that were on the DVD or VHS tape. Now, there's a whole generation who feel the terrestrial channels don't provide programming that speaks to them and those who view Netflix as the only viewing platform.

The best thing to happen to television in the time I've been running things here is that the conversation around television has changed completely. There was a time I'd only reluctantly tell people that I loved television because it was seen as the lesser medium to film.

I couldn't pinpoint the shift. US critics will point to The Sopranos and the start of as a new or 'Golden era' of television, but I lived in America for the entire run of the series and while it was sweeping all the awards I still remember people who would look down their noses at television. 

Those days are behind us (thankfully). Whilst I could write a piece on how social media nearly sent me over the edge in the last year, I do think, for its faults, social media and its ability to have a real-time conversation about a show that has caught fire has really helped to propel television into something to have a proper discussion or debate about.

So, what's the point of all this? With the TV landscape impossible for the average person to navigate, I want the site to become somewhere where people visit to get a sense of what their next big drama or comedy binge should be. That's not to say we'll only be covering the streamers. I want the site to be an archive of the best under radar shows and a place where we discuss the shows that have influenced us. To that end, I have pieces on Jimmy McGovern's powerful '90s drama Cracker and another piece about how Buffy The Vampire Slayer introduced someone to the wonder of television.

My vision for the site is for it to be a place for fierce debate about television, a place that champions the best and points you to the hidden gems you may have missed. If you want to join us please reach out on Twitter. I'll be placing more content on the site in the coming days and weeks before rolling out a brand new look as well. 

So, here's to the new era of the site. Oh, and for those of you who are worried, the podcast will remain the same. (and breathe). 

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Will you still be doing tv week?

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