50 Questions Of Political Incorrectness, Sky One

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Five questions arising

1. Was it a timely analysis of “political correctness”?

No, 22 of the shows profiled were from the 70s. One of the supposed drawbacks of “political correctness” was that it would sterilise British culture, but as culture has actually been enhanced since the 70s, to would appear this fear is unfounded.

2. Was the format of asking questions an effective way to appraise the impact of “political correctness” on Britain?

On the contrary, it was in fact quite cowardly as it enabled the producers to simply toss a programme or individual in the air and let, often ignorant, talking heads take pot shots either in vilification or eulogy. This often meant that it became a challenge between many of the liberal talking heads as to whom could appear the most pious and outraged, diluting what they were saying, and the views of many of their less

competitive peers. The more elder statesmen – like Bernard Manning and Jim Bowen – who had lived through the advent of attitude changes in the 70s, were often aghast that their opinions they once held faithfully were now considered racist.

3. Did any of the talking heads have anything insightful to say?

Comedian Stephen K Amos offered a perspicacious view of why The Black & White Minstrel Show and Love Thy Neighbour were so foully racist. The day after the Minstrels had been on TV, Amos would be taunted at school by bullies who would say, “We saw your family on TV last night,” while Love Thy Neighbour helped introduce the abusive terms “sambo” and “nig-nog” into his tormentors’ lexicons.

4. Was there enough evidence provided for the viewer to deduce for themselves the merits or horror of each entry in the chart?

Because each clip to represent the controversial subject was too brief, aside from the wholly wrong (Jim Davidson, anything favoured by Garry Bushell) and the obviously satirical (Harry Enfield’s Women Know Your Limits) it was too difficult to make up your own mind. This, of course, meant relying on the talking heads to sway your vote one way or the other.

5. If Bernard Manning, Garry Bushell and Dominik Diamond were trapped in a house fire and you could only rescue one of them, whom would you choose?

The fire itself, as it is probably in most danger of being extinguished by any of their deluded, voluminous egos.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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