9/11: The Conspiracy Files, BBC2

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Did we like it?

A sober dismantling of the castles built on the air of wishful thinking by a bunch of misguided or exploitative delusionists.

What was good about it?

• Each of the supposed conspiracies was dealt with in an ordered, chronological fashion and dispelled using the revolutionary techniques of witness testament and physical evidence.

• The bedrock conspiracy claim that the twin towers were demolished by explosions, and not the impact of the planes and subsequent infernos, were debunked by showing that while the fire didn’t actually melt the steel inner structure, it warped them enough to buckle the framework precipitating the collapse.

• Furthermore, the claims by Loose Change director Dylan Avery that windows being blown out on floors below the initial impacts were caused by detonations were also discredited as an expert routinely explained that the windows blew out because the floor above collapsing and pushing the air out.

• There are “more than 50 different conspiracy theories”, which indicates that all of them are false.

• The documentary showed how many of the conspiracies sprung out of incompetence on behalf of the US authorities. The jet fighters sent to intercept the hijacked planes didn’t have a clue where to go, while the CIA and FBI’s ineptitude in the exchange of intelligence meant that leads on potential terrorists weren’t followed up – their sum uselessness was actually covered up.

• Aptly, the most aphoristic words came from the mouths of witnesses or those directly affected by the atrocity. On the belief that the Pentagon was hit by a missile not a plane structural engineer Allyn Kilsheimer, who discovered plane wreckage at the site, noted: “It’s just flawed people who have to have something to dream about to make a name for themselves.”

• Barry Lichys, the mayor of Indian Lake where parts of the U93 aircraft “came down” (scraps were blown the one mile there by the wind) remarked: “I think there are people who will never change their minds on it.”

• And of the heinous rumour which began with an Israeli newspaper saying that there were about 4,000 Israeli’s in the vicinity of New York and Washington that was quickly warped into a lie that 4,000 Jews didn’t go to work that morning after they were tipped off by Mossad after it discovered the whole thing was a US government plot, Cheryl Shames said: “Plenty of people killed that day were Jewish, and one of them was my brother.”

What was bad about it?

• The conspiracy theorists were the usual bunch of deranged sceptics who had found a higher calling in their disbelief of the official version of the events of 9/11, and who seemed quite happy to stuff their fragile, unproven hallucinationary jelly into any gaps in the brickwork of the official version.

• Prime-mover was Dylan Avery a 23-year-old “drop out” who is responsible for the film Loose Change, an “internet phenomenon*” which seeks to disprove the accepted events of 9/11.

*Translation courtesy of the Internet Guide To Utter Bollocks: “Internet phenomenon” the conceit whereby lonely, unpopular idiots seek to alter the course of the human race through the incessant propagation of a obvious falsehood by convincing the unavoidable avalanche of morons worldwide that they are prescient soothsayers.

• When confronted with the evidence from a technology magazine that what he thought were explosions blowing out the windows on the towers moments before they collapsed he spat: “Popular Mechanics is the last company that should be investigating 9/11.” The implication being that such sensitive, contentious and profound explorations should be left to testosterone-drenched young men with second-hand laptops and a trite imagination.

• Apparently, Hollywood is now courting young Avery, an enticement that says more about the dearth of talent in the film industry that they are entreating a brattish fantasist than it does about the truth of 9/11.

• Alex Jones, a confrontational Texan DJ, who said the whole thing was devised by the Bush administration and oil companies for the greater good of the social elite. He was filmed preaching to a converted gathering of slouching, sleeveless-T-shirted sloths, “We’re not a bunch of cattle, we’re not a bunch of slaves, we’re not stupid!” People who whoop wordlessly as they are reassured by someone, whether they have any moral or intellectual authority or not, that they are “not stupid” are invariably stupid.

• The remainder of the conspiracy theorists were made up of laughably sincere cranks who used clichés to justify and prove their beliefs based on a miasma of unconnected, wilfully misinterpreted facts and coincidences. “As Sherlock Holmes was fond of observing…” began one of them, seemingly unaware he was using the mentality of a fictional character. “Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction,” echoed another, as if “truth” is always “stranger” than “fiction”, or at least when it satisfies the blinkered ethos of a fool.

• The distressing realisation that 9/11 Conspiracy Theorising seems to have become an industry much like accountancy only far duller, or akin to Diana Princess of Wales was Murdered only without the desperate stench of the Daily Express.

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