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We are well into this series of Big Brother and it is around this time the early potential of a series starts to materialise or fade. In this case of this thirteenth series, I’m glad to say that the entertainment is still as good as it was in the first couple of days with every highlights show being 1 hour of pure bitching, broken up by the odd task. Brilliant.

This bunch of housemates have taken bitching to a whole new level, it is clear none of them particularly like each other and so at any opportunity they are ready to be nasty. If there are two or more housemates talking then there’s a 90% chance that they are talking about one of their fellow housemates. It’s excellent television and surprisingly doesn’t get boring, it isn’t exclusively bitching though as all the housemates are up for a bit of direct confrontation with arguments left right and centre.

The housemates being allowed to discuss nominations has certainly helped create this culture of bitching in the house as the paranoia of playing the game sets in.  As a viewer it’s quite hard to tell where each housemates loyalties lie, to be honest I don’t think any of them have any loyalty (except to themselves of course).. The only problem with this is that there have been no real friendships formed, even within their little nomination groups, in previous years we have had little groups who nominated similarly but seemed to actually like one another too, the perfect example being the Lip Gloss Bitches and the Jungle Cats in Big Brother 5. This lack of friendship in the house means those natural funny moments between friends aren’t there, I suppose the closest we have got are Caroline and Scott who provide some amusing moment but it’s not on par with previous friendships we have seen.

However, Big Brother has sprung a surprise on both the viewers and housemates by now making it against the rules to discuss nominations. I’m against this rule change because it has caused a lot of entertainment so I hope the impact of it doesn’t lead to a less interesting set of group dynamics, although I can’t see housemates like Lydia and Caroline stopping their bitchy ways, it’s in their DNA. It’s a silly rule change as you can indicate who you will nominate without directly discussing it.

Aside from the arguments and name calling other events have been made for interesting TV.  The major one being Benedict admitting to masturbating in the shower which the whole house was seemingly disgusted by. He made the point that it’s natural and people shouldn’t be so ashamed of it and I agree, people used that situation to frame Benedict to be up for eviction. I think Benedict was too clever for the housemates, who are a rather tribal and immature bunch looking to gang up on an outsiders, and ultimately too clever for the public who booted him out. It’s a real shame he was evicted because the controversy provoked his character and he hasn’t held back since then.

Last week, I complained about the task being underwhelming and unfunny, and I’m afraid I felt the same about this week’s task too.  Housemates were split into lab rats and scientists, the three scientists had to predict how housemates would behave and if they got the majority of the predictions right they won. Simple. I think the task could have been more amusing, it was all a bit dull and forgettable but interestingly the little tasks, directly and indirectly, revealed a lot about the psychology of the housemates. One particular aspect was that lab rats had to crawl in a wheel to earn food, girls who did it would earn good food and boys would earn bad food, the aim was to see if the lab rats would work this out. They didn’t, but how individuals approached the task showed what they are really like, for example Luke S was so intent on being the alpha male and it was quite interesting to see him be so obvious about it and that the scientists could now see this like the viewers do.

Before I get the housemate rankings I want to mention a couple of more housemates who have interested me for various reasons this week. 

Lydia is the stand out housemate of the series so far and she could potential be one of the best ever. She isn’t the most likeable but does make for brilliant entertainment.  She is a bitch and a manipulator, and it is so interesting to watch her interact with others. The perfect example of her behaviour was  when Benedict revealed he masturbated in the shower, she blew it out of proportion and brought emotion into the situation, she was very intent on making sure the other housemates turned on  him and she is the one who put the target on his back. Lydia does this in most situations, she gives an over the top reaction and in turn other housemates do too. She is brilliant.

Lauren is another housemates this week who I have watched with interest. She is the worst kind of person as she is very negative and will complain about everything. She will never see any problem with herself, the problem is always with somebody else. For example she sits there and cries about nobody liking her yet to me it seems like she is friends with others in the house but just likes to play the victim.

The last mention is to Luke S who I am starting to really dislike. He is the kind of person I try to avoid as he must be the alpha male who subtly has all the power, he is playing a game and the romance with ‘Ashleigh’ is so fake on his part. As time goes by his act is slipping and he seeming more like an aggressive idiot, I was glad to hear him get some boos from the crowd during the eviction show. Hopefully he is evicted soon.

Housemate Rankings 

1 Lydia – The ultimate bitch. She is the star of this series.

2 Arron – His looks may play a part in his rating haha, but he is just a normal cheeky guy looking for a good time in there. I like him even if he does annoy the other housemates with his pranks.

3 Becky – I’m surprised by how much I like her. She is really nice and makes me laugh a lot. I’d be her friend in there.

4 Deana – I think I’m the only person who like her, she seems really normal yet interesting.

5 Carolone – Quirky and bitchy. What a combination, Her immaturity has let her down this week though.

6 Scott – His gay poshness is starting to seem like a bit of an act. He is a bit of a character, a lovable one though.

7 Ashleigh – Nice girl, she needs to get out of the fling with Luke S though as it does her no favours.

8 Conor – He is a lot more cleverer than people give him credit for, he has worked out people for what they are, he just need to distance himself from Luke S.

9 Luke A – Bland guy but he seems a nice guy. I wish he had a little more personality and would get off the fence occasionally. 

10 Sara – She hasn’t featured much lately, I’m split on her, sometimes she is one of my favourites and other times she seems so vile and unlikeable.

11 Shievonne – Nice but annoying, she doesn’t add anything to the series.

12 Adam – Boring

13 Lauren – Wants to be a victim all her life

14 Luke S – Alpha male idiot with a big game plan. I don’t like him.

Contributed by Luke Humphries.

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