Bake Off Breakdown: Bread Week

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It’s the week every Bake Off fan awaits in anticipation: Bread week! It wouldn’t be the GBBO without Paul offering “helpful” advice and scornful derision in equal measure. Unlike previous years, however, Mr. Hollywood didn’t dominate the judging, with Prue showing that she also has a good knowledge of bread and its creation as well as her own line of innuendo. From the Signature challenge onwards, the new judge was much less deferential to old blue eyes than her predecessor.

The bakers were tasked with teacakes which strangely weren’t mallow covered in chocolate!  They probably wish they were since no-one did well with a pretty middle of the road results.  The technical challenge, with added expectation of perfection, was a cottage loaf. A bread with little up top and bigger on the bottom separated the wheat from the chaff (ok, I’ll stop now). There were bread explosions and collapses along with some successes.  The showstopper was a multi-natural-coloured bread structure. There were no lions but plenty of sea-creatures, hats, flowers and even a snail.

Well-risen moments of the week:

  • Steven’s vodka butter wowed Prue – even though his teacakes were awful.
  • “Do you flour your finger” ask Prue of Paul.
  • Yan’s BB-8 loaf!
  • Stacey’s lovely cottage loaf looked delicious and apparently tasted just as good.
  • Steven’s handbag bread was stunning and Paul thought the flavour was “unbelievable” and “ridiculous”with Prue saying it was delicious.

Burnt pieces of the week:

  • Kate didn’t realise she had to turn on her hob. It’s the Bake Off Kate!
  • Liam’s raw teacakes were raw. Very raw.
  • Kate’s lopsided, soggy loaf looked horrible.
  • Julia’s bread snail did not look like a snail.
  • Flo burnt Prue’s mouth with paprika in her bread.

Sandi and Noel highlights of the week:

  • Sandi’s wonderful Yorkshire accent which seemed to travel via Cardiff and Glasgow.
  • Noel laughing at Yan, a grown woman, hurting her chin falling off a scooter.
  • Moonwalking away from Stacey who clearly failed to convince she knew what she was doing.
  • Noel playing the cups with a wooden spoon … and smashing one.
  • “PruPaul drag race”. I’d PAY to see that lip-synch for your life.
  • Sandi opening the freezer so Noel could pop out and announce half-time.

Star baker: Julia with a well deserved win for her Russian delights and her interesting take on crustaceans.

Who left the tent: Flo. The Scouse Vera Duckworth was my favourite but the standard of her baking wasn’t up to the other bakers this week so it was her time to go.

Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Liam. He did pretty terribly this week with his raw teacakes and his completely lopsided loaf.  He was lucky his flavours in his showstopper were so good but his inexperience is showing and I think next week could be his last.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold

The Great British Bake Off Continues Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 

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