Bake Off Breakdown: Bread Week

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It has arrived. The week the bakers dread – bread week.  The week when Paul is even grumpier than usual.  Mr know it all set the challenges this week and was on hand to berate the bakers all the way through.  It was hilarious to see Paul’s face when Frenchwoman Manon complained that there wasn’t enough bread in England and Prue looked as if she was an extra from Star Wars.  First up were Chelsea buns.  Lovely, stick, sweet, delicious and ripe for puns. This week’s technical challenge was non-yeast, garlic naan breads in a super-fast one hour.  It sounded very cruel but that’s normal Hollywood, right?  Finally, we had a showstopper tiered Korovai – fancy decorated bread.  5 hours of cooking bread sounded nightmarish.  Overall it was a tricky week but it’s always interesting seeing how the bakers get on with a very different set of challenges and techniques required.

In the week of well-risen baps and burnt focaccia the highlights were:

Bubbly naan bread of the week:

  • Dan made some “absolutely delicious” orange Chelsea buns. They were “annoyingly perfect” and they won him a Hollywood handshake.
  • Terry’s buns were impressive.
  • Rahul made very clever and exciting buns.
  • Terry’s naans were very professional – it was obvious he had made them before.
  • Kim-Joy’s cat wedding (yes really) Korovai looked great.
  • Rahul made a “genius” Korovai.
  • Ruby’s Korovai was “stunning” and “perfection”.

Flat loaves of the week:

  • Manon burnt her buns.
  • Anthony made dry peanut butter Chelsea buns.
  • Ruby made “hard” and “crusty” buns which didn’t work.
  • Kim-Joy made raw naan bread. Yuk.
  • Jon’s Korovai looked blooming awful.
  • Anthony’s Korovai was underproved and overbaked.
  • Terry hugely underproved his Korovai.

Star baker:  Rahul.  Well-deserved this week – even if he doesn’t believe it in himself.  Hopefully this will raise his confidence and let him rise up even further.

Who left the tent?: Anthony.  He struggled in all the challenges this week and it was a real pity but his Korovai was the icing on an already wobbly cake.

 Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Ruby.  She has saved herself twice in the showstopper challenge but I feel that her time will be coming to an end soon.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold

The Great British Bake Off Continues Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 

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