Bake Off Breakdown: Danish Week

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Hej der. It’s Danish week! I don’t know what could have possibly given them this idea, do you?  I don’t really care because at least there were butter, eggs, milk and everything else people need to make nice cakes and it was really touching to see the remaining bakers wearing Hawaiian shirts in honour of last week’s leaver.  For the quarter-final signature challenge, our remaining bakers had to create rye bread open sandwiches.  This unusual theme allowed us to see lots of variety and ingenuity from the tent dwellers. Next, it was Paul’s (Sandi’s) technical challenge of creating 14 Aebleskiver (little spherical pancakes) filled with cinnamon and apple with a jam dipping sauce.  They look lovely but the technique to create them looked tricky to master.  Finally, was a showstopper of an elaborate Kagemand (cake man) or Kagekone (cake woman) with at least three different confectionary making skills.  It also had to look like someone close to the bakers.  This was the bake off ramping up the complexity and it allowed the bakers to show what they are made of and for Sandi to show off her Danish.  We also saw just how close the bakers become during the process with tears, hugs and supportive friends.  This is what I love about the Bake Off and what makes it stand out from other shows of this type.  Roll on the semi-final

In a week of sweet pancakes and rye bread bricks the highlights were:

Fryd of the week:

  • Ruby made a “well-balanced open sandwich” which was “a celebration of rye”.
  • Briony’s first ever Aebleskiver were great all-round.
  • Ruby’s Danish pastries were “lovely” and her Kagekone overall was “delicious”.
  • Briony’s Danish pastries were great.

            Ulækkert of the week:

  • Mannon made a pudding open sandwich from a French loaf which wasn’t savoury or Danish.
  • Briony dropped her tomato swans and her chunky sandwich was a disaster. She cried.
  • Rahul burnt his rye bread and it was “awful” and “gluey”.
  • Rahul burnt his Aebleskiver. Ouch.
  • Mannon made “poor” pain au chocolat rather than Danish pastries and they were burnt.
  • Kim-Joy cried.
  • Rahul’s Danish pastries were “really dry”, “tough” and burnt again.

Sandi and Noel highlights of the week:

  • Sandi as a Viking and Noel as a Valkyrie.
  • Noel wants a reciprocal Halloween or Goth week.
  • Noel tried to explain Star Wars to Rahul.
  • Sandi mistook marzipan for pastry.

Star baker: Ruby.  Her rye bread sandwich was great and her pastries wonderful. Well-deserved and sets her up for next week’s semi-final.

Who left the tent?: Mannon.  It was deserved this week as she made French when she should have made Danish.

Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Unless he can pull himself back together it will be Rahul. It felt like he had given up but hopefully he will get back into it next time.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold

The Great British Bake Off Continues Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 

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