Bake-Off Breakdown: Dessert Week

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Well folks, it’s already week four and the bakers faced dessert week and since Terry was unwell, but allowed to come back next week, we were one baker down but to make up for it Prue was wearing a hoopla set around her neck.  For their signature challenge our bakers had to make a lovely roulade – simple but that just means it must be perfect.  For the technical challenge this week it was a 70’s classic blancmange with fancy French biscuits.

Now, let’s be honest, nobody likes blancmange so who on earth would want to make that? This version, however, looked really fancy with the raspberry flavouring and posh biscuits.  Everyone had issues getting their deserts out of their moulds and this was the best part of the show for me this week. Absolutely hilarious.  Finally, this week the bakers had to contend with a magic ball desert. Stop sniggering at the back!  It was another of Bake Off’s cruel challenges which professionals would be hard pushed to do well in the tight timeframe.

In the week of spongy opera cakes and raw Langues de chat the highlights were:

Cylindrical meringues of the week:

Ruby’s Pina Colada roulade was a delight.

Kim-Joy’s roulade was clumsy but good to eat.

Manon’s roulade made Prue’s mouth water.

Dan’s roulade was “wonderful”, “really fresh” and earned him a Hollywood handshake and a Toksvig cuddle.

Jon also got a handshake for his roulade which used fancy reverse spherification.

Dan made a “beautiful” blancmange and lovely biscuits.

Jon’s showstopper was displayed on a tutu plinth and looked stunning and tasted lovely.

Dan’s peach/planet looked terrible but tasted “delicious”.

Manon’s showstopper looked fabulous and was “stunning” and “a triumph”.

Karen’s showstopper was “decadent” but lacked a little flavour.

Kim-Joy’s turtle galaxy looked amazing and “flawless” and was great to eat.


Sloppy blancmanges of the week:

Karen made a “sad” underdone roulade.

Karen’s blancmange was soggy and her biscuits under baked.

Manon made a raspberry “soup” instead of blancmange.

Briony’s chocolate dome was a total disaster. Not elegant but lovely.

Ruby’s dome also cracked, and her tart was too dry.

Rahul’s chocolate sphere was too thick, but his cake had “fantastic flavour” again.

Sandi and Noel highlights of the week:

Paul “accidentally” got a custard pie to the face again.

Noel’s bullfighting dream – apparently Sandi was the bull and he used a serviette as a cape.

Sandi telling Paul he spends too much time in Drive Thu restaurants.

Star baker:  It was finally Dan’s turn to win star baker.  He did everything right this week and it was well deserved.

Who left the tent: Nobody due to Terry being missing this week.

Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Briony, Karen and Ruby dodged a bullet this week and since there is a high likelihood two  go next week they are going to have to pull themselves together quickly.

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