Bake Off Breakdown: Forgotten Bakes

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What week are we on this week? I’ve forgotten. Just kidding, it’s the quarter final. This week’s “topic” (you are stretching it now Channel 4) was forgotten bakes – cakes from days of yore and times gone by – and there were only five bakers left.  First up was a signature of Bedfordshire Clangers… nope never heard of it. It’s a cross between a sausage roll and a pasty with sweet and savoury fillings separated by pastry. The innuendoes were in full flow with “soggy clangers”, “spicy clangers” and “huge clangers” and Prue was shocked by the idea of having dipping sauces with pizza. I don’t suppose Dominos gets a lot of her Channel 4 money.  The technical challenge was a Cumberland rum Nicky. Rum, fruit, pastry and butter? I’m totally there! It’s a big boozy mince pie kinda thing. It was easy to see they had never seen anything like it.  Finally the bakers suffered through a showstopper savoy cake. A light, delicate cake surrounded by a hard sugar coating. Oh, and it had to be on a sponge plinth. It wasn’t much to ask for was it?  Some went traditional but others went completely modern.  Kate used 60 (yes sixty) eggs in hers! I must admit they all, well nearly, looked pretty blooming impressive.

 In the week of old time favourites and best left where they are recipes the highlights were:

Re-discovered treasures of the week:

  • Liam got a Prue Punch for his amazing Pizza clanger.
  • Stephens’s clanger was misshapen but delicious.
  • Stacey had a lovely clanger and got a Hollywood Handshake
  • Stephen’s Nicky made Prue want to “eat the lot of that”.
  • Kate made “perfect” rum butter.
  • Stacey had a cornucopia of different bakes on her showstopper.
  • Sophie’s cake looked wonderfully victorian and Paul “Really loved that whole cake”

Better best forgotten bakes of the week:

  • Kate dropped a clanger. Literally. Right onto the floor. And they looked a mess.
  • Liam seemed to lose it on his lattice, trimmed off too much pastry and ended up with a completely raw tart.
  • Virtually none of the bakers got their Nickys in the oven early enough!
  • Stacey back-chatted Paul and was shown up on her maths.
  • Kate’s showstopper looked like just a big lump of cake and was dry.
  • Liam’s showstopper was a bit of a mess and very bland.

Sandi and Noel highlights of the week:

  • Sandi refusing to soil her hands on a clanger.
  • Noel quoting the Oasis classic “Don’t look back in clanger”.
  • Noels constant clanger impressions.
  • “If you have enough rum you probably do end up knickerless [Nicholas]” – Sandi Toksvig
  • Noel’s excellent Prince Albert / Angela Merkel impression.

Star baker: Stacey. Her showstopper had fabulous texture and flavour and her clanger got the much wanted handshake.

Who left the tent: Liam! He was my favourite but his inexperience did show this week and his showstopper just wasn’t up to scratch.

Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Sorry but I can’t call it this week. A bad bake is now all that stands between staying and going.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold
The Great British Bake Off Continues Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 
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