Bake Off Breakdown: Italian Week!

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Another week of baking, another theme and this week we had the joy of Italian Week. It’s more a country than a theme, admittedly, but the bakers fought through the heat to produce the goods.  For their signature bakes this week they had to make Cannoli – sweet ricotta filled rolled pastries – and there was lots of chocolate and booze involved! Prue’s technical challenge choice this week was Margherita pizza and nothing could go wrong, could it?  With the added challenge of no rolling pins it really did test the bakers’ simple knowledge. Lastly, they had to create Sfogliatella the most complex pastry test set in the bake off. Filled little pastry ‘lobster tails’ were created with a multitude of different fillings. The heat was a real enemy this week as the tent reached 40 degrees which did, to be honest, seem a bit unfair.   Prue certainly didn’t avoid harsh feedback, like Mary would have, which is still a refreshing change. I love her ‘Not worth the calories’ test for the bakes this week and will have to take it up.

In the week of fine layers and burnt basil the highlights were:

Quattro formaggi pizzas of the week:

  • Liam’s ‘sensational’ cannoli.
  • Steven’s pizza was ‘lovely’, ‘thin’, ‘crispy’ and ‘tasty’.
  • Liam made a ‘beautiful’ pizza could grace anyone’s table.
  • The lobster tails on ice presentation by Liam was inspired and his flavours were great.
  • Steven finally managed to match style with substance with his lobster tails.

Year old biscotti of the week:

  • Stacey’s chewy, doughy pastry… yuk.
  • Yan’s canolli exploded in Prue’s mouth.
  • Kate’s pizza looked like a Gremlin after it’s been in the microwave. And it was still raw!
  • Raw pizza is never good, Yan.
  • Bacon and maple syrup do not go. I don’t care what anyone says (sorry Canadians)
  • Raw sfogliatella from Yan. It has become a habit now, Yan.

Sandi and Noel highlights of the week:

  • Sandi was throwing pizza … and it landed on Noel’s head
  • Noel the Italian Stallion Pony
  • Sandi dropping the Leaning Tower of Pizza (Noel)
  • Noel one-upping the professional chefs competing with their boast of hot kitchens.

Star baker: Steven. Finally, he managed to match the taste with the looks again. Yummy pizza and amazing pastry meant it was an easy decision.

Who left the tent: Yan. This week everything was raw. She seemed to just crumble under the pressure and the heat.

Who’s for the chopping board next week?: Kate.  She cut her finger. She wrecked her super-thin pizza putting it in the oven.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold
The Great British Bake Off Continues Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 
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