Bake Off Breakdown: Patisserie week

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I can’t believe I’m about to say this but – its semi-final week and just four bakers were left.  This week the complexity and pressure were ramped up even further for patisserie week and artistry and finesse were more important than ever.  First up the bakers had to make 24 signature madeleines with their elusive humps, their humps, their humps, their humps.  There were traditional lemon and raspberry as well as unusual mojito and espresso martini.  Next was an endurance technical challenge.  3 and a half hours to create a Sicilian Seven Veils Cake – seven layers of hell!  Briony said “it’s a posh Rice Krispie cake” but it was the most ridiculous challenge I’ve ever seen.  The showstopper this week was a five-hour marathon Parisienne patisserie window challenge with three different pastries being used.  Paul was looking for pure perfection here – so when Rahul said he’d been looking is Gregg’s window we all got the fear.

In a week of glazed tarts and horrible huge lumps the highlights were:

Luxurious mousses of the week:

  • Rahul’s madeleines were “really delicious” and “a real little triumph”.
  • Ruby’s seven veils cake was impressive and tasty.
  • Kim-Joy somehow came second in the technical challenge.
  • Ruby’s pastry was flaky and “great” and all her flavours were wonderful.


Really rough puff of the week:

  • Ruby’s madeleines looked “fried” and “a bit sad” but the flavours were amazing.
  • Briony’s mojito madeleines tasted of vanilla.
  • Kim-Joy used too much baking powder in her madeleines.
  • Briony’s mirror glaze was “rubbery, like a pair of incontinence pants”.
  • Kim-Joy crumbled and cried during the technical challenge as she couldn’t make chocolate mousse.
  • Rahul had the same problem.
  • Briony made raw puff pastry and her pastries were all clumsy. She also mixed up her salt and sugar.
  • Kim-Joy burned her nuns.
  • Rahul had unfinished tarts and “messy” and “boring” eclairs.

Star baker: Ruby. It was a choux in this week and she showed real skill.

Who left the tent?: Briony.  Her showstopper didn’t have a single redeeming feature.

Who’s going to win?: I think it’s going to be Ruby. She has been the most consistent over the last few weeks. However, it is a very close-run thing between her and Kim-Joy.

Contributed by Graeme Thomson-Gold

The Great British Bake Off Concludes Tuesday at 8.00pm on Channel 4 

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