BBC Three announce new raft of factual programming.

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Zai Bennett, Controller, BBC Three today announced five brand new factual and current affairs series, adding to the channel’s already hugely successful and award-winning roster of original factual programmes for young viewers.

Zai Bennett said: “BBC Three is the only channel dedicated to making meaningful, relevant, punchy factual programmes for young people in Britain today and these new commissions encapsulate what we’re all about. Our factual and current affairs output wins plaudits and awards and I couldn’t be more excited about these new shows.”

Slum Survivors (w/t) is a new three-part series from BBC Current Affairs in which a group of young people are put through their paces as they embark on a crash course in urban survival in some of the world’s biggest slums in Lagos, Mumbai and Jakarta.

With jobs in mind they want to do back in the UK, working as a plumber, a chef and a car mechanic, in each programme three trainees will spend a week with locals who are masters at their trade of choice. Working alongside them and learning what makes them tick, they’ll find out what it takes to survive and thrive amongst some of the world’s toughest poverty.

Back in the UK, we’ll hear how the experience has impacted on their lives and prospects and reflect on how these booming slums, and the people who call them home, have much to teach modern urban survivors in today’s uncertain times.

The Human Tissue Team (w/t) is a new 2×60’ series for BBC Three. With unprecedented access to the UK’s largest human tissue facility, this two-part series lifts reveals the world of tissue donation. Following the extraordinary work of the young donor retrieval team and staff at Liverpool’s Tissue Bank, which supplies 350 NHS hospitals around the country, it will show the challenging working lives of the dedicated staff. We will also meet the donor families and follow the intimate stories of tissue recipients as they undergo life-transforming procedures. From eyes to heart valves, bones to skin, this series will show how other people’s tissues are giving people all over Britain a second chance at life.

The Holiday Park (w/t) is a new series for BBC Three. Woolacombe, in north Devon, is a sedate seaside resort that prides itself as the place people come to for a quiet family holiday. It’s also the unlikely home to Europa, an 18-30s campsite, proudly flying the flag for Britain by striving to supply Balearic fun on a budget to young holidaymakers who prefer to party closer to home.

Set against a make-or-break season, the series is a funny, charming and warm account of how the young team deals with running the site, while battling the elements, rowdy revellers and each other.

This 3×60’ programme follows the efforts of site owners, the Toms family, and their young team, as they try to overcome a string of wet, recession-hit summers to make 2013 a roaring success. All whilst doing their best to provide Brits who aren’t abroad with the ultimate 18-30s experience.

The Real South Africa with Reggie Yates (w/t) – Reggie Yates gets up close and personal with three very different communities in contemporary Africa in this new 3×60’ series for BBC Three.

In 2011, Reggie spent time in the slums of Kibera in Kenya for Comic Relief. Now, for seven challenging days, he’ll live and work within three very different and extreme worlds, all of which represent a surprising face of today’s Africa. What will he discover about the extremes of this misunderstood continent in the 21st century?

Reggie will be living exactly the same lives as his hosts, who range from a deprived community of White Afrikaans, who live in a South-African shanty town without electricity or hot water, to Africa’s biggest hospital, where gunshot wounds are the biggest killer of young men, to the wealthiest churches on the continent, who worship bling as much as the Bible. He’ll spend a week in each community, following their daily routines and working their jobs alongside them, to explore the unexpected issues facing his generation in Africa right now.

Stacey Dooley In The USA (w/t) – in a brand-new 3×60’ series for BBC Three, Stacey Dooley is in the United States exploring some of the biggest and most extreme social issues and trends affecting young Americans.

In Gangs, Guns And Innocent Victims, Stacey travels to Chicago, which has the highest level of gun related murders in the US, the highest level of murder of people under 25 and the highest level of these murders being committed by the under 25s. Stacey will meet both the innocent victims, and the youth sucked into the world of gang crime. She will follow the Sheriff’s police officers as they deal with the ceaseless violence, talk to the community leaders and ex-gang members trying to put a stop to it all and witness the aftermath of one shooting where a military grade weapon leaves 13 people wounded including a 3-year-old child. A BBC production.

In The Real Juno, Stacey will spend time with young girls who are faced with the impossible decisions of what to do when you are faced with an unwanted pregnancy. Unlike in the UK, many young girls make the choice to put their child up for adoption and in the US they can choose the adoptive parents, maintaining contact with their child after they have handed it over. But parting with the child that has grown within you for 9 months soon after its born is never going to be easy. A BBC production.

Lastly, Oxbow is just one of a growing number of schools that accept boys aged between 13 and 18 for ‘sexual rehab’, where in the majority of cases the boys have trouble with porn addiction and with controlling sexual impulses. Sent here by anxious parents, the teens can be in residential rehab for months at a time without knowing when their stay will come to an end.

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