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by | Jul 17, 2014 | All, TV News

The BBC Trust have said BBC Three is still caters well for a younger audience and this could mean that proposed move online may not happen after all.

Earlier this year it was reported the Trust was looking into establishing the channel online in 2016 but a report seems to suggest the channel is still performing well amongst its young demographic.

 The BBC Trust also today warned that BBC3 had not yet established itself as an online presence barely a year before the TV channel is due to go internet-only, in October next year.

The report said: “BBC3 has yet to establish itself as an online destination, with the Trust’s research showing that awareness of any digital innovation or experimentation by BBC3 online, beyond [the BBC’s iPlayer, was low.”

Recent BAFTA successes like drama In The Flesh and important dramas like Murdered by my Boyfriend have proved that the channel continually delivers important programming aimed at younger audiences. No other channel manages to capture a young audience like BBC Three, and if a move to an online platform would mean the end of programming like Our War and the documentaries that BBC Three deliver it’ll be a great loss to the BBC.

The report also found that the channel “covered areas such as ethnicity, sexuality, social grade and different youth tribes in a natural and authentic way”.

In comparison to BBC1 and BBC2, the representation of diversity on BBC3 was not perceived as contrived or tokenistic, but rather occurring more naturally across programming”.

“In terms of all audiences, there are clearly challenges around young people,” David Liddiment, the former ITV programmes boss and the BBC Trustee Liddiment said. “As you get older you watch more telly. Yong people tend to do more things. But there is clearly an issue here which needs to be addressed.”

On BBC3’s failure to establish itself online he said: “We are still largely in a world where people watch television on the telly”

We hope that the Trust will realise what an asset BBC Three and how important it is to have a channel that accurately depicts the new generation on TV.

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