Rush Hour, BBC3

by | Mar 20, 2007 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

A new sketch show from BBC3 showing how a gallery of grotesques get through the morning rush hour was definitely more hit than miss. Despite dealing with some well-worn comedy stereotypes (competitive Mums, fastidious Dad) a good cast including Adam Buxton and Miranda Hart kept the laughs flowing. We’re looking forward to the next slog through the daily grind…

What was good about it?

• The soundtrack of the inane Breakfast Show DJs. “Here’s the song my wife walked up the aisle to. It’s Apache Indian and ‘Boomshakalak!”

• In a homage to the old “We lived in a shoebox” sketch, we loved the competitive mums and their one-upmanship with the diets and food intolerances of their children.”Saskia’s stomach is so sensitive she can only drink her own distilled tears. And she can’t eat any food with a vowel in its name and everything has to be prepared in zero-gravity!”

• Jolyon – a pisstake of Donny Tourrette – aka Lord Dark Matter, the Goth lead-singer of DogFist being driven to school by his Middle England Mum who loves their song Stab Horse because she thinks it’s about a pony frolicking in a field rather than a ecritique of American foreign policy.

• Mr David the corporate lawyer banned for drink-driving and forced to take the bus and slum it with the commoners.

• Chantaign – the X-Factor reject from Cardiff – ambushing passers-by and forcing her autograph on them, and answering their phones a la Tom Cruise. “It is me, you’re right!” “I’ll knock Simon Cowell on his ass and say ‘Stay down Cowell you numpty – you don’t know nothing! It’s my Destiny!”

• The fastidious Dad who deliberately does an emergency stop and gives his seven-year-old son a bloody nose just to teach him to put his seatbelt on.

• Frankie Boyle as the intimidating AA man.

What was bad about it?

• Bradley, the sleep-deprived chaffeur, and the kept cropping up and never became funny.

• The schoolboy deluding himself that the gorgeous woman who sits next to him on the bus really fancies him. We’re pretty sure that “Keep it together Amos!” won’t become the next big catchphrase.

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