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Back after popular demand, we’re bringing you the best of the X Factor Saturday night tweets.

It’s a fact of modern society that television is no longer just a moment to be shared with friends, flatmates and family – we now have a new internet friend base – Facebook and Twitter. There’s a certain amount of fun in reading people’s tweets whilst you watch ‘Event Telly’.

I follow a lot of funny, funny people who live tweet X Factor so I present to you, with pleasure, the best of Saturday night’s tweets! 


Kelly is ill tonight so Alexandra Burke will be taking her place as a judge. Walking out to the Ghostbusters theme, both Alexandra and Tulisa look fabulous; Tulisa’s chosen to appear as a cat!

 Eamonn Forde 

Louis to Alexandra Burke: “You remind me of a young Kelly Rowland.” 

 Dan Wootton 

Tulisa has raised her game on the outfit front. WOW!!!! Alexandra looks stunning too. 

 Paul Chambers 

Seriously though, if someone sings ‘Monster Mash’ tonight they win everything for me 

Ashley from The Risk has left. Ashford has come in to take their place.

 Caitlin Moran 

I hope we get a new member of The Whisk every week, like Menudo on fast-forward 

The Risk are singing ‘Thriller’ by Michael Jackson. Badly. I don’t rate their performance very much. And they haven’t dressed up. But what do the tweeters make of it? 

 Stuart Dredge 

This is certainly making me want to stalk through the night and claw my way *into* a grave 

 Pete Paphides 

 by caitlinmoran

I don’t know. It’s just not the same without thingy.  

 Chris Addison 

We’re five minutes behind. Thank God Tulisa won that coin toss with Louis for the catsuit. 


it’s clear the judges can’t hear what we hear at home.  

Louis and Alexandra are very impressed with The Risk. Tulisa is impressed at how The Risk have pulled together despite the loss of Ashley.

Daily Mail is ‘exclusively’ reporting that Kelly Rowland is missing tonight’s show due to a ‘bust up’ with Tulisa. She will miss both shows. Kelly is currently in LA after the argument. It’s thought that their argument was about Misha B and her alleged bullying on the show.

Jonny’s up next. He looks very classy and, finally, he seems to be singing ‘straight’ – no pun intended! He’s actually a great singer, but I don’t like his voice. Does that make any sense?

Tulisa is impressed – she feels that the ballad that Jonny sang was representative of his skill at singing. Alexandra feels that the song choice (which I don’t recognise) was excellent. Have to agree.


 Christopher Billett 

I think Jonny has a really lovely voice. That was great. Still wasn’t a “ballid” though. .

 Lesley Maley 

Sorry Gary, he IS a novelty act, Frank Spencer impersonator 

 Joseph Barton 

1st break of  and am praying for Kelly, to be healthy……

I’m disappointed that the judges and the contestants haven’t bothered to dress up much, so far. I’m not the only one: 


 should hire, as set decorator, the person responsible for the Halloween aisle at my local Sainsburys. Seriously.

Sophie Habibis has made more of an effort with her costume, but she’s singing ‘Bang Bang’ by Nancy Sinatra. Barlow doesn’t rate her song choice but Alexandra is ‘keeping it real’ by saying that Sophie is a beautiful performer and a ‘lovely, lovely girl’. So what? She’s a lovely girl, but that was dull. Louis doesn’t think she’s a pop star. But what does he know?

 Adam Postans 

Bang bang. Bye, love. 

 Eamonn Forde 

Loving her “spider web” neck tattoo. It’s so “prison chic” 

Marcus Collins is up now – can he top last week’s performance? He’s wearing makeup! Tulisa’s taken her ‘ears’ off. Why? Marcus is singing ‘Superstitious’ mashed up with INXS ‘I need you tonight’. Excellent stuff – this boy might be my new favourite.

 Tim Jeffries 

Fair point RT  Has anyone anywhere – on X Factor or *anywhere* – noticed that it’s not actually Halloween?

 Paul Chambers 

Frankie is still going to try and out-guyliner Marcus 

You worked it! You owned it! You brought it! You delivered! You’re an  cliche!


The only way they’ll increase ratings at this stage is to get Kitty to do all the performances 

Have to agree about the ratings – this episode of the X Factor, despite its theme, is quite dull. The amount of tweets is also low – are people tiring of the format of talent shows? We’ll only find out when Britain’s Got Talent is back…

Misha’s up now – I’m excited to see how they make her scarier. Singing ‘Tainted Love’, she looks, as the kids say, ‘Fierce’.

 Chris Addison 

“For me there’s something missing – I don’t know what it is.” Is it, oh I don’t know, the , Louis?

 Tyron Wilson 

 by PME200


 Dan Wootton 

I think Misha B was incredible tonight. Wow! A million times better than anything Cher Lloyd ever did. 


What’s the technical difference between “smashing it” and “nailing it”? 

 Christopher Billett 

This time last year I was praying for Wagner to do Monster Mash. This year? Please let it be Kitty. .

Now it’s Janet – how will she improve on her scary hair last week? I predict Janet will have gone ‘full Halloween’ in terms of costume. Janet’s incredibly affected in her singing, but I still like the little mite. 

Singing a very haunting version of The Police’s ‘Every Breath You Take’ – taking its stalkerish tendencies to heart, Janet’s amazing. She’s dropped some of the squeaks, which sound better. Incredible.

 stuart houghton 

 by stuartdredge

Kitty should emerge from a well, then crawl out of a telly before launching into a dubstep Bela Lugosi’s Dead 

Louis keeps badly impersonating Kelly. It’s awful.

 Paul Chambers 

Can someone not stop Louis doing that, please? People have thrown shoes at world leaders for less 

 Tim Jeffries 

Thought ‘how is Every Breath.. scary?’, then realised it has ‘you belong to me’ and ‘I’ll be watching you’. New spin on it, really. 


Someone needs to ask Santa for a GHD for Xmas  

Now it’s Frankie. I expect Twitter to explode with hatred. I think Frankie is hated more than Kitty now. He’s singing The Clash – ‘Should I stay or I go?’. I think the audience knows the answer to that one.

 Nick Sutton 

Is part of the problem this year that none of the judges are honest? 

 Chris Addison 

Yes, Tulisa. He’s rebellious and wild like a Grange Hill character in the late 70s. 

I have to admit, Kitty is growing on me, as an artist. I still don’t like her very much but she has an incredible voice and has amazing stage presence. She might be suffering with some kind of disorder though – she seems to forget her skirt every day. Kitty is singing ‘Sweet Dreams’ by Eurythmics. 

‘Fasten your seatbelts, it’s Kitty’ ‘And it’s going to be a car crash’ 

 Shouting at Cows 

If there was any doubt about Louis, just rewind to him screaming “cabaret”. 

 heat & heatworld 

Did she just say “”? Oh. My. Dayz. 

 Jake Johnson 

 by atkirby

1999 just called for Alexandra. They wanted their “.com” putdown back… 

 Digital Spy 

Alexandra is so profound: “You have a voice!” 


 by TheMichaelMoran

if kitty leaves before frankie does i’m fleeing to LA and NOT COMING BACK. alexandra burke will tweet on my behalf.

Little Mix are next. They had to change their name based the pressure from people who were upset they were stealing the name from a children’s charity.

 Robbie Collin 

FINALLY worked out who the Rhythmix/Little Mix girls remind me of. It’s the ‘fright face’ masks from Ghost Castle: 

 Eamonn Forde 

“I couldn’t pick a winner this year.” You said it, Gary 

 Eamonn Forde 

“You’ve done something no one has ever done before” – yes, like changed your name and cried. 

No more tweets about Little Mix. They’re just so dull (the tweets. And the band).

Closing the show, it’s Craig now. He looks good in a Paddington Bear jacket. Singing Adele’s ‘Set Fire to the Rain’.

 Chris Addison 

I love Craig. Every performance is like the last scene of a feelgood movie about being yourself. 

 Caitlin Moran 

Are duffel coats now scary? 

 Julian Power 

Was Craig’s Halloween theme “Ricky Gervais”? 

And.. that’s IT!

My pick of the week – Misha B or Kitty Brucknell. 

If you enjoyed the live tweet collection, let us know. If you didn’t, tweet me: @Tannice_ and I’ll block you. #JOKE

Lastly, you should follow the people I’ve quoted above and add them to a list called ‘X Factor Tweets’. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. 

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