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A look at the night Big Brother returned to Channel 5

Here we go. The daddy of reality TV is back with it’s second ‘normal’ series since moving to Channel 5. Last year was a slight disappointment with a very TOWIE approach taken with a focus on relationships, sex and downmarket immaturity. However, the one decent housemate went onto win and with a lot of criticism from fans it forced a promise of a change of approach. Judging by tonight’s launch, it seems the producers have learnt their lesson and the series looks promising. 

The House:

Channel 5 have obviously spent some money on the house. Fabulous would be the word to describe it. It’s one of the best ever, with the right weather I can see all the housemates living, bitching, fighting and flirting in the huge garden.

The Twist:

Housemate number 1 nominates 3 housemates based on first impressions. A good twist, similar to one used in BB4, but improved to make it more fair. 

The Production:

One thing that has improved since the move to Channel 5 is the better production values. The launch felt modern and fresh, and had a strong entertainment feel to it. I like these launches compared to the getting out of a car version which we used to see on Channel 4.

The Housemates. First Impressions:

Deana – Wealthy and Miss India. Seems like a nice girl and pretty normal for Big Brother. She didn’t pretend to not be looking forward to the twist, she promised to get the boring housemates out. I like her, even though she did end up being slightly pathetic during the nominations twist.

Aaron – Typical male model housemate. I don’t know why he was chosen. 

Caroline – A nicely spoken girl who seems a bit silly and dim. She could be very fun over the next few weeks, I bet she will be rather stubborn and annoy the other housemates.

Shievonne – She says she doesn’t know how she will cope without sugar. If she has her fizzy drinks she will be nice and plain. If she doesn’t she will be boring and plain 

Conor – A shallow man who is just bothered about his looks and sex. I bet he is a Georgie Shore reject. 

Lauren – Seems like a silly girl but I’m betting she will be quite the manipulator. 

Luke – A nice normal guy. I was wondering why he was chosen until it was revealed he is a transexual. I wouldn’t have suspected it. 

Adam – A man with an interesting background. He has been in jail but he doesn’t strike me as aggressive, he will try to be a powerful force in the house though.

Sara – Three words. A fierce bitch.

Scott – He made me laugh in his VT. He’s a funny snob. He will cause a lot of entertainment.

Ashleigh – Foul mouth but she amuses me. She looks pretty but acts rough. I have a feeling she will become very likable. 

Other Luke – I don’t really have an opinion on him. Typical plain lad. 

Lydia – Fame hungry model type. Evict it!

Benedict –  A teacher by day, a porn star by night. He actually seems like a guy with a deep personality.  I can see him causing a bit of conflict.

Chris – An odd combination. Big man personality with a high voice. I can see him being overwhelmed by the other guys in the house.

Victoria – A flirty ex-model. She will be rather entertaining after a few drinks. 

Overall everything is much better than last year. The housemates are more diverse, even if there are one too many model types for my liking, the twist worked well and the series looks very promising. I think the series looks set to be focused mainly on fun with the occasional bit of conflict. The big characters are certainly there but unfortunately there are a handful off dull housemates who will probably fly under the radar. The series has potential, good tasks and as little producer interference as possible will hopefully compliment the largely good selection of housemates and create a memorable series. Summer has begun.

Contributed by Luke Humphries.

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