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Last week I was beginning to fear this series would start to become a little boring after super bitch Lydia was evicted, but there was no need to worry as this series has managed to remain entertaining. 

I have been surprised that some housemates including Scott, Shievonne and Adam have all stepped up to fill the bitchy and confrontational void left by Lydia’s departure. I’m surprised that in the space of a few days that these housemates have gone from being bland to causing so much drama, the whole week has been focused around these housemates rather than the usual suspects. I think it just goes to show that in many respects the casting has been great as all of the housemates in there have personality and don’t hold back.

Scott has been the person who has most impressed me. For the last few weeks he hasn’t seemed like somebody who would stand up and put his opinion out there. However, over the last week he has ended the friendships with the people he doesn’t like, allied himself to a side and is quick to confront people in the other group. One argument that stands out for me was when Arron was going to pour some beer away to spite Scott, I think it surprised Arron and everybody else that Scott more than stood his ground, I know Scott was a little drunk but he showed Arron up for being an angry idiot. Scott is asserting himself as a powerful person in there, while Luke S, Arron and Conor are intimidated by this and so try to belittle him at every opportunity. Adam is another guy in there who is slowly becoming more powerful and the same three housemates appear to be taken aback or imitated by his new found confidence. The power struggle amongst the men in the house  is becoming very interesting, and now one of the three ‘lads’ has been evicted, it will be interesting to see how it develops over the next week.

The bitching and confrontation has changed slightly over the last week, it’s obviously still there but it is must more diluted now that there are two clear groups. The infighting in these two groups has gone and as each group stands united it’s easy to see where the confrontation is coming from and why, this means the audience can pick a side and stick to it now. The way they are bitching and arguing has become more diverse, there is humour and intelligence in the way they do it now which a massive improvement on the way they handled themselves before. A good example of this was Adam was listening to the other group bitch about him and so he asked them all for a group hug which was so awkward and amusing to watch, the best confrontation isn’t always the biggest and loudest. 

Generally, there has been much more humour this week and again this has been helped by the groups becoming more unified and so in those groups they have become much more relaxed. The biggest source of humour though was the mini task earlier on in the week when each housemates was called to the diary room and pretended to face their fear in there. The aim of the task was to act so scared so that Shievonne, the last housemate to be called, would refuse to go in. It was a brilliant task, the mix of Big Brother’s humour, the housemates acting and Shievonne’s natural reactions created a very entertaining episode. It reminded me of classic Big Brother, it made me laugh a lot.

It wasn’t just that task which was good, the producers have stepped it up this week and the main task has been one of the best for a long time. Basically the housemates were split into two groups, not their bitching groups unfortunately as best friends were split up, to compete for areas of the house. Each mini task won a room of the house for the winning group, so for example the winning team of one mini task had access to the kitchen all week while the losing team has to live off basic rations. It was quite an interesting task because it showed who is the most competitive but also how strong the friendships on opposite teams were. It led to the right mix of banter and subtle conflict between the two teams, it split people up who would usually spend ever hour together and forced enemies to become allies. It was a clever concept and was executed well. The one part of this task I do not like is that the final battle for the diary room decides which team is allowed to nominate next week, in my opinion every housemate should nominate unless they break the rules so making nominations as some task prize is not acceptable.

It’s been a more diverse week and the flashes of fun and humour, both from the housemates and Big Brother, are starting to shine through. The group dynamics are the most interesting for a long time and after tonight’s eviction, with Brian announcing Deana being most popular in this vote while Conor and Arron were least popular, it means the house now knows which group is clearly the most liked. I am disappointed Arron was evicted because he is a pretty decent guy when not influenced by the other guys and has a lot of personality while Conor is a horrible man. The next week is probably going to be the most interesting yet, I think we will see a lot of sucking up and the nasty groups, led by Luke S, become fractured as Caroline and Becky distance themselves. This is the best year for group dynamics and it’s about to get that bit more interesting. 

Housemate Rankings 

1. Deana – She is nice and has remained so decent even when being harshly picked on

2. Scott – He has gone in my estimations this week 

3. Ashleigh – I don’t always agree with what she things but she always acts pretty decently. 

4. Luke A – He gets a little less boring every day

5. Sara – I’ve finally decided I like her, she has picked the right group to be friends with and  I like the way she stood by Scott when he argued with Arron

6. Becky – I’m mixed on her. I think I like her but she hangs around with the wrong housemates.

7. Adam – He is a bit creepy and cringey with how he acts around the girls but he is okay.

8. Caroline – Nasty to the core but she entertains me

9. Lauren – Annoying. End of.

10. Shievonne – She has come out of her shell this week but not in a good way. She ain’t so nice now

11. Luke S – Horrible man who is the biggest game player in there.

12. Conor –  A vile bully

Contributed by Luke Humphries.

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