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This series of Big Brother is turning out to be one of the best series ever, however, this week the show has hit a difficult patch. The problem is that the series is very entertaining and interesting to watch but it lacks that essence of fun and humour which all reality television shows need. I have been waiting for several weeks to see these nice comedy moments but they just have not happened.

So, what’s the problem? It’s all about the casting, there is no denying that this cast is a decent one with almost every housemate being a big bold character but with that comes conflict and so they all seem so unlikeable. This has happened before, in Big Brother 6 it was a memorable year but none of the housemates were particularly likeable so a connection to the audience was lost. The housemate I most like this series is Lydia, do I like her because she has nice qualities or because I would like to be her friend? No. I like her because she in a manipulative bitch who makes the series entertaining. Now if she has become my favourite housemate just because of that then there is a serious problem with the people in there. I have loved the bitching and arguments but it’s gotten to the point now where I want to see some diversity in what is shown and for me to be able to properly like a housemate and support them.

Of course the housemates can’t go a day without being nasty to each other so the bitching and arguments have continued this week. However, it has become rather uncomfortable to watch at times as things have got more personal. Housemates like Caroline and Luke S have said some really nasty and aggressive things over the last week, it started during last week’s eviction show when Benedict, as he was exiting the house, revealed he was the one who put curry powder in Luke’s protein shake. As Benedict left the house we saw more of Luke’s nasty side as he indicated he wanted to be violent towards Benedict and maybe would be at the wrap party while Caroline was loudly egging him on. This is just one instance of this nasty attitude and behaviour from both of them which has been obvious throughout the last week, and it isn’t just them.

I was just starting to like Conor when he said some vile things about Deana. What he said, and how most people interpreted it, was essentially that he wanted to assault Deana. It was a horrible comment and one made out of anger  but again it’s this glimpse of real vileness from yet another housemate. I’m a little surprised the producers haven’t ejected him, especially after a large amount of complaints, as people have been axed from the show for less in the past. This happened during the most uncomfortable episode of Big Brother I have ever seen, it was 1 hour of all the housemates bullying Deana. I’m not one to define something as bullying as that word is overused but in this case it clearly was bullying. They openly talked about her, openly mocked her, openly wanted her to fail a task and made it quite clear they didn’t want to be by her. All the housemates were either bullying her or are just allowing it to happen and it really was horrible to watch, I felt for Deana so much and I can’t believe the irresponsible producers didn’t step in sooner. A bit of conflict is fine but tribal tactics against one housemate is uncomfortable to watch. Since the controversy of it, the producers have obviously spoken to housemates and there has been less conflict but it shouldn’t have reached that point anyway.

I think the one thing that caused this whole week of uncomfortable nastiness was the rule change meaning housemates can’t discuss nominations. They all hate each other and so up until now they have showed their frustration and anger by plotting, forming groups and discussing nominations, but now they can’t do that their frustration comes out in a different way. So, it is no surprise everything got that little more personal and heated this week as bitching wasn’t done about nominations. I want discussion of nominations allowed again as it’s better television is many respects.

For the third week in a row I am going to complain about the shopping task. This series the shopping tasks are too easy and don’t create any memorable moments, it seems the producers have ran out of ideas so choose a random concept and stretch it out for two days. This week it was the concept of choosing, housemates had to earn points primarily by choosing to sacrifice something nice or by doing something horrible, for example eating an onion rather than a full English breakfast. It was a task which wasn’t so subtle in trying to cause arguments, but it’s executed so badly that I’m bored of any conflict it causes before it even begins. Some housemates really annoyed me on the tasks, supposedly both Luke A and Lauren feel lonely and isolated in there yet they sacrifice talking to members of their family to earn a few points. If they dislike all the other housemates then why give up on a five minute chat with your family for them? Ridiculous

There is now a clear divide in the house, people have stopped flipping between each side and have now had to make it obvious where their allegiance lies. This has created a situation where there are two groups and the most unlikeable group has far superior numbers which as a viewer is never nice to see. There aren’t even people in between, people like Scott, Sara and Shoievonne should be the people in the middle who are individuals but instead they are like sheep and predictably side with the larger group. However, I do have hope something will change as Luke S, the leader of the bigger group, was one nomination away from being up for eviction this week. Maybe next week he won’t be so lucky.

Housemate Rankings 

1 Deana – I think I’ve finally decided I like Deana despite her faults. She is nice even if a bit difficult. 

2 Luke A – A nice guy who is starting to become quite interesting as he gets more frustrated.

3 Arron – I really like him, for all of his faults I don’t think he is one of the genuinely nasty housemates in there

4 Scott – A sheep but he amuses me

5 Ashleigh – She was the only housemates who tried to stand up for Deana, she went up in my estimations for that

6 Adam – Similarly to Luke A, he is getting more interesting as he gets more frustrated from being isolated

7 Sara – I still can’t work her out,  sometimes I like her but sometimes I don’t

8 Becky  – I’m extremely disappointed in her siding with the nasty housemates, her fun little act is slipping

9  Shievonne – She only comes alive in the diary room. I’m starting to get annoyed by her as she seems to over-act everything. 

10 Caroline – Sometimes I like her but she is become more vile, some of the things she says and how she says it just isn’t cool. I do think she is misunderstood though

11 Conor – Vile, showed his aggression towards Deana which was totally inappropriate 

12 Lauren – An annoying negative person who riles me. I want to punch the television screen when I see her

13 Luke S – Horrible alpha male type. He is exactly the type of guy I don’t like

In this post I have sounded negative about Big Brother but I really am loving this series and it is the best series since 2006. However, because it has been so good I am judging it more harshly and obviously some aspects such as the humour and real friendship are missing. Hopefully that changes but even if it continues on the same kind of level it will be a classic series. I do worry for the next week now as Lydia, the super bitch who is one of the most legendary housemates ever, has been evicted. She was the one housemates with the brain to switch things around and end the dominance of Luke S and his gang. She was also the housemates who blew things out of proportion and made sure things turned into conflict so I’m expecting the arguments and bitching to reduce next week but maybe this will make room for the comedy. 

Contributed by Luke Humphries.

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