Big Brother’s Top 20 Housemates, Channel 4

by | May 25, 2005 | All, Reviews

Top 7 Highlights::

1 – No Davina McCall presenting! Which meant no incessant noise or the desire to smash in our TV set.

2 – We got the lovely Dermot instead who was mercifully brief introducing the countdown and couldn’t be bothered to deliver rubbish jokes for the sake of it (hello Jimmy Carr).

3 – The hilarious footage of BB5’s Michelle and Emma in the secret bedsit, surely one of the best devices BB has ever come up with. Controlling the facilities in the house and inconspicuously getting revenge on those they didn’t like, this was a great reminder of how brilliantly cruel BB can be.

4 – The baffling noises that came out of Jade Goody’s mouth which still defy explanation.

5 – Helen Adams, the Welsh Wonder, quite rightly came near the top in the poll. Genuine but genuinely stupid, Helen was nevertheless engaging and probably the only person in the country to think about the merits of blinking.

6 – Brian Dowling’s answer to Narinda’s question on which famous people were watching her – “Stevie Wonder”

7 – Nadia, who came second to Brian. The footage of her in army uniform, pole dancing, suffering from nicotine withdrawal and shrieking with THAT laugh demonstrated why she was last year’s deserved winner. Let’s hope this year’s series gives us more contestants like her.

Bottom 4 lowlights Big Brother’s Top 20 Housemates, Channel 4

1 – How on Earth did Cameron get as high as number 19?! Whoever voted for the Cliff Richard of reality television should be spanked severely.

2– Paul Clarke, the “international popstar”: if he were such a thing, he’d be Sonia in the early 90s.

3 – Kate Lawler getting to number eight, far too high a position for the Celebrity Wrestling nobody.

4 – Ultimately the show was there to stir up a nice bit of hype for Friday’s series six kick-off. We learnt nothing new and considering BB is all about immediacy and watching developments as they happen, there was something pointless in seeing events from five years ago.

That chart in full

1 – Brian Dowling; 2 – Nadia Almada; 3 – Jade Goody; 4 – Helen Adams; 5 – Michelle Bass; 6 – Ray Shah; 7 – Stuart Wilson; 8 – Kate Lawler; 9 – Victor Ebuwa; 10 – Paul Clarke; 11 – Alex Sibley; 12 – Nick Bateman; 13 – Emma Greenwood; 14 – Jon Tickle; 15 – Craig Phillips; 16 – Anna Nolan; 17 – Spencer Smith; 18 – Marco Sabba; 19 – Cameron Stout; 20 – Alison Hammond

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