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Tim, Jack, Steph, Anouska and the tiresome Sock aspire to blag their way across Britain, gatecrashing film sets, movie premieres or pop concerts, grabbing free merchandise and getting on film or TV. But the merits of their achievement is very dubious.

Tim and Jack, who failed in a David Beckham blag in week one, tried to get a part as an extra in comedy movie Shaun Of The Dead. After a trip to the joke shop, they dressed up as zombies and managed to get on set where their greatest feat was to con the make-up team into removing their improvised zombie disguise as it was too painful to simply pull off. They then chortled triumphantly when they proudly watched the film and one of them was almost visible in one scene for a brief moment.

Steph and Anoushka, who had sneaked into a film premiere in the first show, dressed up in animal costumes to get on stage at a Flaming Lips gig. They too seemed extremely pleased with their efforts despite only dancing anonymously on the fringes of a concert by a moderately well known band. In both cases, the blaggers celebrated as if they had sneaked into Fort Knox and made off with America’s whole gold reserve when all they had really done was convince a couple of bored security guards into admitting them into insignificant events.

The quartet’s blagging, observed by narrator Leslie Phillips, was aided by their ostensibly harmless personalities – Tim and Jack are the type of weedy boys only allowed to play football at school if they volunteered to be the goalposts, while Steph and Anoushka flutter their eyelashes while exhibiting not a pin drop of intelligence.

The final member of the blaggers is Sock, a man who is essentially a career flasher but he must wear a sock over his genitalia to meet MTV’s stringent code of decency.

After a failure to get arrested at the London Marathon in the opening show, he staged a barely noticed streak at a film premiere, and then staked out his next tough target – an artist posing in a shop window while sitting in a bath of baked beans to illustrate Britain’s often scorned national cuisine. After stripping off in front of the window and running down the street to universal public apathy, it became clear Sock’s stunt was as obscure and meaningless as the artist he was trying to annoy.

Tim and Jack’s final blag at least involved some famous people as they infiltrated a charity golf tournament at Wentworth after pretending to be a film crew. They managed a brief chatt with Jimmy Hill and Henry Cooper, but most of their time was spent fooling around in golf buggies. Perhaps because it was a charity event and MTV is a responsible broadcaster, Tim and Jack returned later with a cheque of £500 for Children In Need. This meant, ironically, that the biggest blaggers were Children In Need who had allowed two reprobates to create a very minor disturbance to their tournament yet still gleaned a tidy profit.

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