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by | Aug 3, 2004 | All, Reviews

What to say if you like it:

TV’s best two genres – reality shows and home makeovers – come together in a perfect blend of primetime entertainment.

What to say if you don’t like it:

Tut, you’ve ‘ad some cowboys in ‘ere. You need the demolition squad, not builders.

What’s good about it?

• There are plenty of opportunities to see people suffer and relationships crumble in the pursuit of greed/TV exposure.

• There’s some great music on the soundtrack including Peaches as the theme song, Alright by Supergrass and Block Rockin Beats by the Chemical Brothers (but that sort of stuff won’t play well with ITV1’s mainstream audiences)

• Lovely Lisa Rogers has, at last, got the primetime exposure she deserves. She’s a million times better than Davina, Kate, Tess, Cat etc.

• There’s one contestant that we can hate. She’s Marinella, a demanding, selfish, snooty cow who nicked all the tools and the barbecue. After snooping on her rivals, she started bitching about them over a glass of chardonnay – showing great potential to become next week’s Jason/Victor.

What’s bad about it?

• Apart from Marinella, the other contestants are all a bit bland. We need people to love or hate. Hele (pronounced, appropriately, Helly) and Tim are toff twats but we’ve seen worse examples of their type; Marinella’s partner Tim is a bit of wimp with a naff beard; Helen has a disturbing penchant for pink (“The only person who’d buy my house is Barbara Cartland”) and her partner Paul is, at 39, too old for his punk hairstyle; and Lesley and Jack are nice without being loveable.

• If you’re not the sort of person who gets a hard-on during the B&Q ads, the makeover element of the show is going to get so dreary.

• If you’re the sort of person who thinks people who bang on about property prices should hang from one of those estate agents’ boards, the profit-making goal of the show is going to get distasteful.

• Nicholas Cowell ain’t no Simon. More Barret Home than luxury pad.

• The show features one of those dumb phone-in quizzes (calls cost no more than £1.25)

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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