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by | Dec 6, 2002 | All, Reviews

For those of us mystified by the popularity of Sara Cox, Born Sloppy provided no clues.

As a Radio 1 breakfast show presenter, she’s not even as funny as DLT. As a presenter of TV’s latest pop at post-pub fun, she has the air of a youth club leader trying to be as with it as the kidz. And as scruffy. Her top looked as if it was stitched together from a green tea towel and then splashed with fromage frais but probably cost a grand or two to buy.

The show, set in an east London pub, was slops tray stuff, saved only by the presence of Ross Noble who has a face that cries out to be pixelated but a brilliantly surreal sense of humour that Cox failed to match. Her other guest, Norman Cook, was very dull, though, Cox had no trouble matching him.

“I’m not very good at the old interviewing thing,” she admitted, so resorted to reading questions submitted from the audience, written out in very big letters on a roll of paper long enough to keep a fax machine buzzing for weeks.

The musical line-up was as flat as an abandoned half pint beside the jukebox, comprising The Libertines (“Fun-f***ing-tastic,” they were not despite Cox’s shriek), David Holmes & Free Association and Ladytron (how 1980s was the moody, morbid electro-mush?).

Pity Colin Murray. He’s spent most this year on the DI:RE RI:SE and now he’s reduced to taking insults from Coxy as he’s sent off to use pop song lyrics to chat up girls in pubs. (I Want Pussy Old Dirty Bastard didn’t go down very well).

The Name That Tune At 75 Miles Per Hour quiz had been toned down to keep within the speed limits but should have been pulled up for failing to be the least bit entertaining in a built-up area.

The good bits? There were two: Matt Lucas as a frumpy Charlotte Church being beastly to her battered mother (David Walliams on crutches). And the promise of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club on edition two.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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