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by | Feb 8, 2006 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

We’d have enjoyed it more if the seven superbrat girls had been driven to a cliff and tossed into the sea – but making them suffer a muesli-based diet and cuddly psychiatry in a Utah wilderness was acceptable as a second-best punishment.

What was good about it?

• The juxtaposition of films featuring the girls behaving badly and listing, with some pride, their transgressions (accompanied by their parents weeping) with footage of them in the wilderness bewildered that they’d been regarded as anything less than perfect daughters.

• The seven girls were all pretty hateful ( “I eat, sleep, spend money on drugs and do f**k all”) so it was satisfying to see them chucked into a forest and made to accept: “I am a mouse, I learn things from the ground up” and told about the toilet arrangements: “Walk 50 feet from camp. Drop your drawers and do your thing.”

• The cannabis-is-cool propagandists will have their noses out of joint after seeing 20-spliffs-a-day chavs acting violently. Peace, man! No way!

• Buddhist Norman who refused to be provoked by the foul-mouthed girls but did request that they desist from using “the F bomb” in every sentence they spat out.

• The way the counsellors switched from sweet-natured carers to arm-bending prison warders within seconds

• Posh brat Poppy, clutching a teddy bear and insisting: “You can’t have it. I will call my mum and she will fly over and take me home.” Mum had probably left the phone off the hook and was busy partying without her obnoxious daughter.

What was bad about it?

• Why do we need Americans to sort out the shortcomings in British youth?

• Some lads would have made it a bit more fun.

• The American councellors all had normal names – unlike folk in previous series who had ludicrous names along the lines of Weeping Willow and Strong Storm

• The obvious playing up for the cameras, especially the ugly fat girl with pink hair

• The most hateful girl Julia: “If you are watching this at home, you really shouldn’t send your kids here. They’ll hate you for ever AND EVER,” she insisted. “I know who I am. I don’t need to find myself,” she also whinged, while strutting around with a fake spliff (surrogate dummy).

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