Britain’s Got Talent, ITV1

by | Apr 19, 2008 | All, Reviews

Did we like it?

We did, a lot, apart from the spurious stories spun by Ant and Dec (“it’s been a bad morning in Birmingham”).

What was good about it?

• The two young Charlies. Ten-year-old jazz singer Charlie Green was the sensation of the show with Summer Wind; 13-year-old Essex comic Charlie Wernham was too cocky for our liking but did have a good rapport with the audience.

• We were especially struck on Strike, the martial artists (especially when they ripped off their vests).

• We succeeded in not having any tears jerked by Madonna, the mum who has left her kids in Manila to make it as a singer. And we didn’t especially like her version of that talent show staple I Will Aways Love You.

• The hilariously farcical ferret dancing act and the impressoinist who could only “impersonate” three MPs. Truly dreadful.

What was bad about it?

• The two parents of three – tubby stripper Glyn and even tubbier dancer Anya – who will have caused their offspring no end of embarrassment.

• Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden proving their worthlessness by voting Anya through.

• The paedo-pleasing, underdressed, over-madeup preteen dancers.

Luke Knowles

Luke Knowles


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