Broadchurch: The questions we’re supposed want answered

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So earlier in the week I wrote a really rather scathing review about the highly anticipated return of ITV’s Broadchurch. I wasn’t alone in my disappointment as people complained about the lack of action, poor sound quality and over the top dramatic music presumably intended to convince the audience danger was afoot.

If you’ve read my initial review you’ll know I had problems with the opener, with its new mystery and Joe Miller pleading not guilty but here are the unanswered questions we’re supposed to be gripped by.

1) Why is Joe pleading not guilty? 

We know that Joe killed Danny. We have a theory that perhaps Joe’s son Tom actually killed Danny and Joe has been covering up for him as that’s the direction the US remake Gracepoint took, but it’s all a little meh isn’t it?

2) Why does Ellie sister presume she’ll have to give evidence now that the case is going to trial?

There was a small scene where Ellie’s sister presumed she’d have to give evidence which confused son Ollie. Did she know Joe had been seeing Danny in that house in Broadchurch? And if so why didn’t she say in the first series and save us the bother of the next eight weeks!

3) Why are we supposed to care about Sandbrook?

Obviously Sandbrook was mentioned several times in the first series, but it just seems a daft plot device to have Hardy’s past follow him to Broadchurch. The disappearance of two young girls is perhaps intriguing but the scene where it was revealed Hardy had been hiding witness Claire Ripley in his house for over a year just seemed too silly to believe.

4) The significance of the bluebells?

One thing I absolutely can’t fault Broadchurch 2 for is it’s look. The stunning  beach-front  views, the sunshine and the glorious blue skies look stunning in HD. Then there’s the the subtle hint that bluebells are important. The very first scene there’s a flash of bluebells and Ellie finds some in an envelope. Is this significant to the Sandbrook case or was Claire a florist in her life pre-Broadchurch?

5) Mark plays Fifa with Tom

A lot has been made of a scene that saw Mark Latimer playing Fifa with his son’s best friend Tom Miller. Perhaps it’s suspicious that he would be playing videogames with a young boy in a caravan, or more likely, he’s a grieving father who has substituted Tom for his own son and just wants to do the things he would’ve done with Danny.

6) What does Lee Ashworth coming to Broadchurch mean for Alec and Claire?

The episode ended with a shot of Sandbrook suspect Lee Ashbrook standing on the cliff top with his eyes bearing down on Alec Hardy. How has he found out that Hardy was there and why does it matter anyway?

There are only a few true unanswered questions in this series and none of them really are keeping me awake at night. As I’ve said a lot on social media I just feel this series is an example of a broadcaster asking a writer to repopulate the success of a previous series even when that series had a definitive conclusion.  How can the end tagline be ‘closure’ and the start of this series be ‘The end is just the beginning’  Make up your minds that’s a real mixed message.

Broadchurch Continues Monday at 9.00pm on ITV.

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