Celebrity Big Brother 2014: Why Everybody’s Talking About It

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It’s very rare for a programme’s final date to be pushed back, but that’s exactly what Channel Five has done with the latest incarnation of Celebrity Big Brother. The programme has grown in popularity as more and more people tune in just to see what all the fuss is about. In case you missed it here’s some of the big talking points of the series.

Starting Off with a Bang 

Usually the opening night of Big Brother is reserved for formal pleasantries between stars and a fairly tame twist which usually involves one of the housemates being given a secret mission. However, in possibly the best opening night twists in Big Brother history, all of the celebrities were handcuffed together with some having to remain that way for several days. In addition to the handcuffs portion of the evening, American actress Jasmine Waltz caused a stir when she got drunk and started talking about sexually explicit experiences. Events came to a head when she started flashing the cameras and had to be physically dragged into bed by her partner-in-chains Sam Faiers.

Lee Ryan’s Love Triangle 

Blue star Lee Ryan was worried before going in the house that his mouth would get him in trouble. It did, but not in the way he expected. This is because Lee got all amorous with two of his fellow housemates starting off with the woman he was chained to, glamour model Casey Bachelor. The two participated in plenty of late night ‘cuddling sessions’ with the rest of the house believing that the two were an official couple. But once the chains came off Lee instantly turned his attentions to Jasmine and the two were soon copping off in the toilet of a makeshift spaceship. Lee was then infatuated with Jasmine until she was evicted, partly due to the fact that Casey had nominated her. Though things were frosty following Jasmine’s eviction, Casey and Lee soon resumed their friendship and had another drunken night in bed together. Lee and Casey’s new liaison was rumbled when Jasmine returned to the house and accused both of them of being pathetic. In his eviction interview Lee didn’t see anything wrong with what he’d done and that, in a way, is part of the problem.

Jim Davidson and Linda Nolan’s feud 

Controversial comedian Jim Davidson was expected to have a few rows in the house but nobody expected that his sparring partner would be Linda Nolan. Initially being chained together, Jim and Linda appeared to have buried any hostility that existed between them but eventually the sparks started to fly. As Apprentice star Luisa Zissman tried to get to the bottom of this feud; Jim told her to ask Linda what happened in Frank Carson’s dressing room. Though it was never revealed on TV, Jim’s comments were stemming from Linda’s late husband stealing from Frank Carson. As tensions began to boil, Linda came off looking like the bad guy and in turn Jim gained sympathy from members of the public. Linda was eventually evicted and refused to discuss Jim in length, but it’s fair to say that this argument did mar her time in the Big Brother house.

The Crazy World of Liz Jones 

One of the odd booking casting choices for this series of Celebrity Big Brother was Daily Mail journalist Liz Jones. Though this was a woman who’d admitted to stealing her partners’ sperm, initially Liz seemed fairly introverted and was genuinely hurt when people accused of ruining celebrities’ lives. But as time went on animal lover Liz started to get a bit freaky and she started to come out with some classic lines such as how she believed dolphins were aliens. After boxer Evander Holyfield revealed that he’d once punched a horse, Liz retorted ‘if you punched my horse, I’d stab you.’ Later in the show, during a task in which the housemates had to make sure Luisa didn’t make them laugh, Liz launched into a whole diatribe about considering drowning herself in the bath. Though incredibly morbid, there’s no denying that this was one of the most entertaining portion of Celebrity Big Brother and it earned Liz her place in the CBB Hall of Fame.

Lionel Blair Swears 

Of all of this year’s celebrity Big Brother housemates, you would think that light entertainment icon Lionel Blair would be the least likely to constantly spout out profanities. However it seems that Lionel is growing old disgracefully and there were certain moments in the house that made me question whether I was in fact watching an 82 year old man. During his time in the house, Blair had two separate run-ins with Luisa and more than held his own against the fiery Apprentice star. However, Blair’s time in the house will be most remembered for the ’18 room’ task in which he was asked to wear a PVC policeman’s outfit and act as if he were in an adult film. Some of the phrases that came out of his mouth cannot be written on a family website such as this, but suffice to say they involved several scenes that I never thought I’d see on British TV.

Luisa argues with everyone 

The casting of notorious Apprentice runner-up Luisa Zissman seemed to indicate that the producers wanted as many arguments this year as possible. That they got as Luisa argued with everyone from loveable Made in Chelsea cad Ollie Locke to national treasures like Jim and Lionel. However Luisa’s most famous spat was definitely with N Dubz star Dappy, which was an argument that seemed to last a day. This rather personal feud saw the pair bring up both Luisa’s daughter and Dappy’s mother while the latter even spouted off his exam results as a way of trying to prove his intelligence. Luckily, tensions between the pair simmered down and instead they went back to trying to touch each other up. But it appears as if Luisa is trying to set the record for the most arguments in one series of Big Brother and I believe she may just have managed it.

Celebrity Big Brother concludes tonight at 9pm on Channel Five.

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