Celebrity Big Brother: The first week in the House

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I don’t think it was ever in doubt that we’d have a pretty interesting first week with our bunch of housemates, do you?

So far, we’ve had one eviction (I predicted right!), pregnancy announcement (this is the first we’ve ever had, although Makosi thought she was up the duff back in 2005), a walk out (disappointed) and a rather public dumping via Twitter.

Not bad for a week’s work eh?

With that in mind, it’s time for me to divulge my opinions on each remaining housemate, now they’ve had a week to settle in to the most famous gaffe on TV.

David Gest

Just great isn’t he?  ‘volumising’ his hair, for me, was a quality bit of television with the interaction between David and his housemates.  Bless him.  I love David Gest, he’s a right character and seems like a decent guy. I knew he’d want to tell a story or 2 about his showbiz past.  I can remember him doing similar in the jungle a few years ago.  He was absolutely in his element while organising the Variety Performance (great idea for a task by the way), showing just how bossy he really is. Was I the only one who cringed hard for him when Darren and John started serenading him with his ex wife’s well known song ‘Life Is A Cabaret’?  Iffy choice there lads, it has to be said.

Angie Bowie

“Pop it on baby” “suck my big one” Oh Angie cracks I right up.  Hilarious woman and someone who stands up for her beliefs and principles and I’ve got so much time for an individual like that.  She went to town on Gemma Collins in a row too, so she earns brownie points from me for that!! The tragic passing of her ex husband David (I’m so gutted) meant she had a decision to make as to whether she could continue her time in the house.  To be honest, I think she was damned if she did and damned if she didn’t.  It was her decision to make and others should respect it.

Gemma Collins

I really don’t wanna know about her designer vagina.  To be honest, I really don’t wanna know anything about her at all.  My opinion of Gemma hasn’t changed one iota since she stepped foot in that house.  I actually roll my eyes every time the camera pans to her.  Her voice is like nails down a blackboard for me, I’m afraid.  “Do you mind me saying” she bellowed while Danniella and Angie were trying to make up following their row.  Well, yeah, we do actually.  Now, mind your bloody own.

Darren Day

I feel like Darren is trying really hard to change his public perception, I don’t feel like I’ve got a real handle on Darren yet.  I want to think he’s genuine in how he is conducting himself but I’m not sure, and I can’t help but wonder if that’s because in the back of my mind I’m remembering what he was like back in the day.  Perhaps that’s clouding my judgment.  I need to watch Darren a little more to try and work out if the Darren we are watching in Big Brother is real and true.  I did think he was gonna shed a tear during Megan’s performance on the variety show, or at least force one through perhaps.

John Partridge

Bloody nice bloke.  The diplomat of the house, the peace maker and someone who clearly commands the respect of the rest of the housemates.  I really did feel for him when Winston was explaining why he said what he said about gay couples adopting children.  That was uncomfortable viewing for sure.  He dealt with it incredibly well, his face showed the strain in that scene and how he explained he didn’t have an issue with Winston as a person showed just how classy the guy is (even if he take his performance on the variety show OH SO SERIOUSLY).

Nancy Dell’ollio

I’ve got to be honest, I found it a little difficult to follow that argument between her and Megan regarding the missing bottle of red.  Enjoyed Nancy being a judge during the variety performance, even if she did look like she was wondering what on earth she was watching at certain points.

Kristina Rihanoff

Her pregnancy announcement was quite sweet.  Although I love the drama and the explosive arguments that CBB often brings, I also like it when the group come together and supports one another and I thought it was quite a touching scene to watch.  Many have talked about how disrespective it was to her boyfriend; Ben Cohen’s estranged wife.  That’s as may be, however, I think she would have found it very difficult to have kept it quiet amongst her housemates for a potential of a month.

Christopher Maloney

I’m on the fence with Christopher.  I actually don’t dislike him as much as I thought I would, he seems alright (even if I was ‘treated’ to a flashback of X Factor 2012 during his variety performance) .  He clearly found the task of deciding who out of Nancy and Winston should leave quite difficult.  You could see the emotion in his face.  Do I think he’ll win?  No, but I don’t think he’ll be a housemate that leaves any time soon.

Stephanie Davis

I’ve actually grown to quite like Steph.  When Kristina was making her pregnancy announcement, before she realised what it was to be, she looked genuinely concerned about what was to be announced.  Steph comes across really down to earth and a real genuine person.   Anyone else clock how bitterly disappointed Megan looked when Stephanie won the talent contest?  I do wonder if Steph will live to regret her OTT flirtation with Jeremy, especially now she’s been unceremoniously dumped via social media (I think it’s too late to worry if he’s been mugged off love!).  Her boyfriend of a few months announced they were no longer together on Twitter on Monday night.  Oops!

Tiffany Pollard

Tiff seems pretty real I have to say (I love listening to her talk) although she totally went into one with Angie in the row about judging the variety performance.  She literally wouldn’t let Angie defend herself and I believe she came off the worst.  I read somewhere last week that she is quite a feisty individual and that was obvious during this row.  It seemed like her ethos was, he who shouts the loudest wins.  Not always the case Tiff.

Danniella Westbrook

I fully anticipated it to kick off between her and Maloney, but it ended up being something of a damp squib.  Despite her mentioning the words “screaming match” more than once, it was anything but.   She took the fall out from the Angie/Gemma etc. row quite badly, which surprised me.  As for my thoughts on Danniella, I do quite like her, although I don’t feel I’ve seen enough of her yet so gauge a proper opinion.

Megan McKenna

Hmmmm, I’m not sure about Megan you know (you can’t knock her singing voice mind you – recording contract anyone?).  Is she playing a game?  Possibly.  Is she showing her true self?  The juries out.  Having seen her on EOTB, she is something of a fiery character, not afraid to have a row and to ensure she comes out on top.  However, I’m seeing little evidence of this in the house and I think she’s playing a bit of a game.  Let’s all remember, these celebs have management and PR teams so are more than likely prepped and advised on how to act and conduct themselves in the house.  They’re probably told what will encourage outside popularity and what will gain them column inches.   Gemma pretty much said so herself during a conversation on the weekend about PR’s changing careers for disgraced celebs, so there you go!

Jonathan Cheban

I’m actually really disappointed Jonathan left I found him quite funny (especially when he was taking the piss out of Tiffany for saying she’d forgive Darren for cheating on her because of his smooth voice).  Yeah he had a bitchy side, which didn’t surprise me in the slightest but he’s quick witted with it and knows how to wind a situation up.  He’d light the blue touch paper and stand clear.  I think some housemates were a bit wary of him, they almost wanted to pull him up on the things he said but because he’s bezzies with Kim K, they’re uncomfortable to do so.  I expect GC thinks Jonathan might end up introducing her to the Kardashian’s and she’ll become the UK’s answer to Kimmy K.  In your dreams Gemma, in your wildest dreams.

Scotty T

The bloke just has to open his mouth and he makes me laugh.  I adore him, he has an incredibly funny way about him.  You can tell he’s in there for a laugh and doesn’t take himself too seriously – point proven by his and Jeremy’s swan lake during the variety show.  Which, I have to say, was a welcomed relief during everyone else’s look-at-me-I’m -desperate-for-a-recording-contract-performance.   I will still be very surprised if he doesn’t win, he will almost certainly be in the Top 3.  Wicked!


He’s alright is Jeremy.  I’m pleasantly surprised by him.  Gorgeous eyes but the tattoos?  It’s a no from me.   He’s not afraid to stand up for his opinions which is something I’ll always respect but is also up for a laugh and someone who doesn’t need to be taken too seriously.   However, I can’t help but wonder if he really is into Stephanie or is just desperately seeking an OK magazine front cover when he’s back in the outside world.

My Predictions

Next to be evicted

Nancy Dell’Ollio

My Final 3

3. David Gest

2. John Partridge

1. Scotty T

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