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Here it is once again another show featuring so called ‘celebrities’ with the z-list truly plundered to get a full cast for another series of Celebrity Big Brother. If I was a betting man, and I’m not, I would hazard to guess that the majority of people would know at least one of the thirteen names taking part in this year’s show. Even though I watch TV basically all the time I was even left baffled by some of the more obscure names that appeared tonight so that is why I have presented this brief guide to all of tonight’s housemates.

Julie Goodyear

Why is she famous?: Julie played Bet Lynch in Coronation Street for 25 years and was awarded an MBE for services to drama in 1996. In addition she also had a brief role in Hollyoaks, starred in Calendar Girls on the stage and was the face of Shredded Wheat in the late 1990s.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Was a contestant on Celebrity Fit Club in 2005 she has also appeared on I’m Famous and Frightened and an all Coronation Street version of Come Dine with Me

First Thoughts: Julie looks to me like someone who really doesn’t care what others think of her and she isn’t really a celeb luvvie instead she is simply a Northern actress who has become an icon. She has already displayed both her maternal air and also a violent streak in a secret task she and Cheryl had to carry out. Overall she’s great TV and I hope they paid her a lot of money to come into the house because she’s worth it.

Cheryl Fergison

Why is she famous?: Cheryl gained cult status while starring as cheese-guzzling launderette attendant Heather Trott in Eastenders in which her character had a wild west themed wedding to Minty and was impregnated by teenage oik Darren. Away from Albert Sqaure Cheryl’s CV also includes appearances in ‘Allo ‘Allo, The IT Crowd and a two part episode of Doctor Who.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Cheryl recently starred alongside former Celebrity Big Brother runner-up Kerry Katona in a Jubilee themed Come Dine with Me

First Thoughts: Another character who is up for a laugh, Cheryl doesn’t seem to take herself at all too seriously and comes across as a fairly grounded person.  Her double act with Julie looks set to continue across the course of the series and I wouldn’t be surprised if the pair are able to front their own show when they leave the house.

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino

Why is he famous?: A big reality TV star in the States, ‘The Situation’ is the Alpha Male character on MTV’s Jersey Shore which was the originator of our awful Tyneside based duplicate Geordie Shore.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Though he essentially found fame through a reality show The Situation also competed on the 11thseries of Dancing with the Stars where he lasted longer than big names such as David Hasslehoff and Michael Bolton.

First Thoughts: Though I’ve seen a few clips of his outbursts on YouTube ‘The Situation’ so far seems to be quite subdued as if he were a time traveller from the early 1990s trying to figure out all this new technology. I think he’s been added to the house last minute after Dog The Bounty Hunter was refused a visa and for now I’d have to say he’s a bit of a dud of a housemate.

Julian Clary

Why is he famous?: A face on the alternative comedy scene in the 1980s, Clary was a big name in stand-up all throughout the 1990s also starring in the awful Carry on Columbus.

Previous Reality Show Experience: He came third in the second series of Strictly Come Dancing.

First Thoughts: Clary wins the award for ‘Celebrity I didn’t think would do this’ however he doesn’t seem to have done a whole hell of a lot in recent years so probably needs the cash. His innuendo-laid comedy may not be some people’s cup of tea but for me I was laughing all the way through his introduction especially when he found out The Situation was a star of American TV telling him ‘I’ll try and use small words’.

Rhian Sugden

Why is she famous?: A Page 3 model who made the tabloids after she allegedly was involved in a sex-texting affair with Vernon Kay. She denied these rumours in her opening VT essentially saying ‘I didn’t do the thing that I’m most famous for.’

Previous Reality Show Experience: None although she did appear in a 2008 documentary entitled Glamour Girls.

First Thoughts: The token glamour model, Rhian does at least seem like she possesses some sort of personality but at the end of the day she’s been put in that house purely for her looks rather than any character she might have.


Why is he famous?: A member of So Solid Crew who had a big hit with ’21 Seconds’ he was initially the member of that crew who had the most success becoming a presenter on T4 and starring in several West End musicals. It was his personal life that was his downfall though as he cheated on wife Alesha Dixon with Javine Hylton who later had his child before he left her reportedly having a fling with Cheryl Cole.

Previous Reality Show Experience: He won Channel 4’s Olympic-themed reality show The Games in 2003 and competed several times in Sky One’s celebrity football programme The Match.

First Thoughts: Despite his previous indiscretions Harvey seems like a decent guy but one that may well be over-shadowed by bigger personalities. I feel that he needs to establish himself as a strong character or he could well get lost in the shuffle.

Samantha Brick

Why is she famous?: A freelance journalist Brick has written several controversial articles including one in which she claimed that other women hated her because she was beautiful this of course saw a backlash of people knocking her looks. In addition to her articles Samantha makes regular appearances on shows such as This Morning plus she used to produce a lot of shows for Sky One.

Previous Reality Show Experience: None, she’s a serious journalist after all.

First Thoughts: To me she’s the person who instantly regrets her decision to take part in the show after hearing the crowd reaction on the way in. She seemed oddly subdued during most of the opening night briefly springing into action after the incident between Julie and Cheryl but other than that kept to the sidelines. I personally believe that unless she aligns herself with some of the more popular characters in their then she could well be the first to go.

Prince Lorenzo Borgehse

Why is he famous?: A member of the house of Borghese, Lorenzo isn’t part of the monarchy but rather his family were bestowed papal titles. He found minor fame in America after appearing on Season Nine of the bafflingly popular dating show The Bachelor.

Previous Reality Show Experience: As well as The Bachelor, Lorenzo sent himself up in a 2009 Web spoof America’s Next Princess in which he played a butler to a millionaire dog who was searching for a new mate.

First Thoughts: Lorenzo seems like an attractive and intelligent guy but unfortunately he also comes across as completely dull his only hope is to be one part of a dreaded ‘show-mance’ or it’ll be curtains for him quite early on.

Danica Thrall

Why is she famous?: Danica is a lingerie model who was one of the subjects of a Channel 4 documentary Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys which looks at the rising phenomenon of internet models who form virtual relationships with guys online in exchange for expensive gifts so essentially she’s the face of the Amazon Wishlist.

Previous Reality Show Experience: None, this is her first time in the spotlight.

First Thoughts: Obviously this girl will be portrayed as a villain as she essentially uses her assets to get guys to buy her stuff but I think it’s a case of more fool them. Having said that she made little impact on her first night and as one of the women who’s been put in the house to cause a bit of friction she’ll have to try harder in my opinion.

Ashley McKenzie

Why is he famous?: Ashley McKenzie was part of Team GB at London 2012 crashing out of the Judo tournament in the Round of 32 but he does hold several international titles in the sport. He was also the subject of BBC3’s Bad Boy Olympian documentary which looked at his battles with ADHD and how Judo kept him from a life of violence.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Apart from the BBC3 documentary he’s a newcomer to the reality show scene.

First Thoughts: Ashley seems to have struck a little bit of a friendship with Harvey which will serve them both well as the series rolls on as I find it’s always good to have an ally in the house. At the moment Ashley seems to be dwarfed by a few bigger personalities but having seen the BBC3 documentary I know that he’s quite a thoughtful guy but also one who has a violent temper and I do hope the Big Brother team did a full health evaluation before sending him into the house.

Colleen Nolan

Why is She Famous?: Colleen has been in and out of the public eye since she was fifteen thanks to joining the pop group her sisters had formed, of course the Nolan’s biggest hit was the cheesy party hit ‘I’m in the Mood for Dancing’. For eleven years Colleen was one of the panellists on the ghastly daytime show Loose Women before leaving for another ITV daytime show This Morning on which she presents an online feedback section.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Colleen finished fourth in the fourth series of Dancing on Ice while she also participated in Celebrity Fit Club.

First Thoughts: Colleen’s big personality shines through and with Julie and Cheryl already in the house it’s quickly starting to resemble a rowdy hen night at Yates’ Wine Lodge. Colleen will be less raucous than her Loose Women co-star Denise Welch though she will hold her ground but thankfully she’s already told us that, unlike Welch, she won’t be getting her tits out.

Jasmine Lennard

Why is she Famous?: The model first appeared on the Channel 5 show Make Me A Supermodel in which she was eliminated early on after clashing with judge Rachel Hunter she later briefly hosted the spin-off show to MMAS until once again she insulted Hunter. She’s also been a tabloid favourite thanks to her rumoured relationship with many celebrity men most notably Simon Cowell.

Previous Reality Show Experience: A Channel 5 stalwart Lennard also appeared on their short-lived holiday reality show Trust Me I’m a Holiday Rep but was kicked off for not following simple instructions ironically her replacement was Big Brother 5 winner Nadia.

First Thoughts: Obviously Jasmine has gone into that house to be the bitch and has already tried to assert her dominance over some of the housemates especially when she revealed she was about to glass Julie for throwing the drink over Cheryl. I honestly don’t mind celebrities who go in the house to play a certain part as long as their entertaining and Lennard definitely has some potential to cause a bit of friction in there.

Martin Kemp

Why is he Famous?: Initially finding fame as the bass player in his brother’s band Spandau Ballet, Kemp went on to have a fairly successful acting career playing Steve Owen in Eastenders for five years.

Previous Reality Show Experience: Earlier this year Kemp appeared on the Arctic-set reality series 71 Degrees North but left after three weeks due to injury.

First Thoughts: Like Clary, Kemp seems like someone who doesn’t really need to do this however if you look at his resume his acting career has really dried up with his last credit being a cameo role in the dire Strippers Vs. Werewolves. To me Kemp looks like he will take the role similar to the one Vinnie Jones did in 2010’s Celebrity Big Brother series where he will become the father figure in the house earning the respect of his fellow housemates and steering clear of any nominations.

So there you have it a mix of fairly famous names plus some people you have no idea who they are which is essentially the general line-up of these celebrity shows. Personally I feel there’s enough big characters in there for a pretty entertaining series of Celebrity Big Brother and I think I’ll definitely being dipping in and out of the show to just catch up with some of the goings on in the house. 

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