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It’s that time again as another bunch of people you’ve never heard of prepare to enter the Big Brother house. Of course this being Celebrity Big Brother all of them have gained notoriety for some reason or another and in this guide I’ll tell you why should’ve heard of each one of them.

Abz Love 

Why is He Famous?: One fifth of boyband 5ive, Abz was known as the cheeky one in the group who were one of the most popular pop acts of the late 1990s. After the band split up Abz had three more hit singles and participated in Channel 4’s The Games. He recently came back into prominence due to 5ive’s comeback on The Big Reunion where the band battled personal issues to return to form.

First Thoughts: Abz really seemed like a chilled out type of guy who didn’t really make the much of a big impact on me. Indeed, whatever he smoked in his youth appeared to be catching up with him as he struggled to even remember the names of some of his fellow housemates. Having seen him on The Big Reunion I know he can be quite an entertaining guy and I hope to see that more as the weeks pass by.

Bruce Jones: 

Why is He Famous? Originally a stand-up comedian, Bruce gained fame after appearing in Ken Loach’s Raining Stones. However, he is best known for playing Les Battersby for over ten years on Coronation Street before controversially leaving the show in 2007. Since then he has appeared on Celebrity Wife Swap and Famous, Rich and Homeless however he’s continued to court controversy due to his heavy drinking.

First Thoughts: As Bruce and Vicky entered together they played the role of the old married couple and almost became the parents of the house as they made sure all of their fellow housemates had enough to drink. Bruce appears like he will be the joker of the pack while at the same time he doesn’t seem like the sort of guy who is particularly media trained, therefore I feel we should expect a couple of outbursts throughout his stay in the house.

Carol McGiffin 

Why is She Famous?: Carol is the longest serving member of the Loose Women panel, having been on the show since 2003. She’s also had a long running radio career, most notably on LBC, and deserves a medal after being married to Chris Evans for four years.

First Thoughts: Carol was seemingly half-cut when she entered the Big Brother compound and her arrival in the house painted her as an almost God-like. To be fair to Carol she’s one of the more down-to-Earth members of this year’s bunch and she doesn’t mince her words. Though Loose Women have done well in the past, I’m not sure if Carol will get as far as Colleen Nolan and Denise Welch. But I definitely know that she’ll be causing a few fireworks during her time on the show while she’ll also be supping as much of the booze as she can if and when she’s evicted.

Charlotte Letitia Crosby

Why is She Famous?: One of the original cast members of Geordie Shore, Charlotte has apparently recently launched her own clothing line.

First Thoughts: She came in that house like a ball of fire and immediately headed for the toilet. As somebody who has never really watched Geordie Shore I’m not sure what to expect of Charlotte. Though her VT portrayed as a party animal she seems like a salt-of-the-Earth type who unfortunately can’t control her bodily functions. She and Vicky have already had words due to her alcohol consumption and I’m guessing this isn’t the only row that Charlotte will get into. But as long as she makes it to the toilet every time she needs to go then I think we’ll be OK for now.

Courtney Stodden 

Why is She Famous?: Aspiring singer Courtney hid the headlines in 2011 when, aged just sixteen, she married 51 year old Green Mile actor Doug Hutchinson. Their relationship courted controversy and saw Hutchinson be disowned by his family however they’ve stayed together. Courtney has recently become best known for her scantily clad public appearances and her rumoured plastic surgery.

First Thoughts: Courtney is the living embodiment of a Barbie Doll; with her fake boobs and giant heels she did cause quite a stir when she entered the house. It’s hard to remember that she’s only 18 so an experience like this must be quite daunting, but at the same time I feel she’s lived in the glare of the spotlight long enough to know what to expect. I see her being the one whose going to cry the most and may also form bonds with some unlikely housemates.

Danielle Marr 

Why is She Famous? Danielle was one of the stars of Irish reality show ‘Dublin Wives’ where she became known as ‘The Botox Queen’ due to her being one of the most prominent botox doctors in Dublin. Danielle was looking for love on the show but her main priority was her nine year old son.

First Thoughts: Winning the Bobby Sabel/Lacey Banghard award for least famous celebrity, Danielle’s entry was met with complete silence as I’m guessing her popularity only extends as far as Ireland. At the moment Danielle comes across as one of the more quiet, measured housemates who has seemingly faded into the background. Judging from her VT, she doesn’t suffer fools gladly so it’ll be interesting to see more interactions between her and Charlotte as the show continues.

Dustin Diamond


Why is He Famous?: For playing the character Screech for twelve years in the various versions of Saved by the Bell including ‘The College Years’ and ‘The New Class’. Since then Diamond has tried his hand at stand-up comedy and appeared on ‘Celebrity Fit Club’ and ‘Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Wrestling’

First Thoughts: Possibly my favourite when he entered the house, Dustin appeared cool,. calm and collected when he entered. However, his geeky dance on his way in seemed to suggest that he could snap at any given moment. I feel like he wants to play the class clown but is blending into the background in order to get a better feel for the personalities of the housemates and a better grasp of the British vocabulary.

Lauren Harries

Why is She Famous?: Born James Harries, Lauren was known as a junior antiques expert in the 1980s appearing on such shows as ‘Wogan’. In the modern era she’s better known for being an aspiring transsexual and she herself is a self-confessed Big Brother fan.

First Thoughts: Lauren is the living embodiment of the description ‘crazy as a box of frogs.’ Of the three housemates who were tasked with being in the ‘Cult of Celebrity’, Lauren was definitely the most quiet. I found her to be someone who liked to listen rather than talk but, when did speak, her words were quite cutting. It’ll be interesting to see her interactions with the other housemates when the group finally comes together but I’m glad  that Lauren is in the house as she is completely oblivious to the world around her.

Louie Spence 

Why is He Famous?: Former professional dancer and choreographer Spence came to prominence during Sky One’s docusoap Pineapple Dance Studios. Since becoming a name, Spence has had his own show entitled ‘Louis Spence’s Showbusiness’ and was a judge during the 2012 series of Dancing on Ice.

First Thoughts: Louis obviously wants to be the star of this year’s show as was proved by his sparkly jacket and monologue to camera as soon as  he arrived. Though Louis said his hyperactive image was all for show, we haven’t seen any evidence that he’ll ever calm down. While Louie’s putdowns are certainly humorous, I do feel I could tire of him after a week or so and I feel the public might think the same way.

Mario Falcone 

Why is He Famous?: Coming from a tailoring dynasty, Mario is best known for being the philandering boyfriend of Lucy in The Only Way is Essex.

First Thoughts: When I actually watched The Only Way is Essex, Mario wasn’t one of the characters who struck me as anything special. While Mark Wright, Amy Childs and Joey Essex all had the potential to be breakout stars, the same can’t be said for Mario. Indeed, I feel that he’s been put in the house as the token hunk and has no doubt been instructed to remove his top as many times as possible. Though Mario is single, there doesn’t seem to be any particular love interest for him unless Big Brother is hoping to break-up Courtney and Doug’s three year marriage. But maybe he’s after a cougar and if that’s the case that Danielle is free and single.

Ron Atkinson 

Why is He Famous?: One of England’s best known football managers he’s worked for Manchester United, Atletico Madrid and Aston Villa among others. Atkinson later became a pundit but was sacked when he made racist remarks about a player.

First Thoughts: Ron’s face definitely wore the expression of a man who didn’t know what he was getting himself in for. Atkinson’s probably the person whose doing it most to raise his profile and is hoping to resume a career that has been disgraced. I do see him as sort of the father figure of the house and it appears as if he and Bruce will form some sort of grumpy old men alliance. I feel that Ron, who appears to me a man of few words, will struggle around a  lot of people who like to talk about nothing in particular so it’ll be interesting to see how he copes if he does last the full three weeks.

Sophie Anderton

Why is She Famous?: She came to prominence as the face of Gossards in 1998 and since then has been involved with some prominent modelling campaigns. She’s a reality TV veteran having participated in Love Island, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and Celebrity Fear Factor.

First Thoughts: My first thought was how stunning Sophie looks now and it seems that she’s turned her life around following a fairly serious drug addiction. She really seems to be a fair person who was quick to jump on Louie for some of his more catty comments. Her vast experience in reality TV has served her well and I feel she’ll know exactly how to behave when the cameras are rolling.

Vicky Entwistle

 Why is She Famous? Best known for playing Janice Battersby for thirteen years on Coronation Street, Celebrity Big Brother will see her reunited with TV husband Bruce Jones. Since leaving the soap, Vicky has appeared on the stage, most recently in Les Miserables.

First Thoughts: Vicky assumed the role of mother hen on opening night as she set about pouring champagne for her fellow housemates. Whether this is the sign of a friendly matriarch or a control freak remains to be seen however Vicky has formed a somewhat unlikely friendship with Courtney. I feel that her and Bruce’s bickering will bring the humour to the house and I think that she’ll be one of the most popular housemates this year. But then again you never can judge it, especially considering who made it to the final of this year’s ordinary version of Big Brother.

Though not all of them are famous, this bunch of celebrity housemates provide a good mix of glamour, humour and complete craziness. While the Cult of Celebrity twist was a little underwhelming, it didn’t take as long to explain as the basement part of the last celebrity series. I’m just hoping that we get the right measure of fun and intrigue without too many petty fights spoiling the show.

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