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It doesn’t seem two minutes ago since the last Celebrity Big Brother where Julian Clary triumphed over Martin Kemp and Colleen Nolan to win the show. However here we are again as a load of soap stars, reality TV rejects and a few people you’ve never heard of so once again TheCustardTV presents you with this handy guide to the housemates.

Frankie Dettori

Why is he famous? Dettori is one of the nation’s most famous jockeys and has been Champion Jockey on three occasions. Away from the horse-racing world Frankie was also a team captain on A Question of Sport but quit when a member of the audience asked when he quit racing. Last year Dettori became part of a controversy when he was banned from riding for six months after being found guilty of taking a prohibited substance. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Up to this point Dettori has been a dedicated jockey but it seems that he’s using Big Brother as a way to change people’s perception of him 

First Thoughts: It was hard to judge Frankie as he spent most of the night involved in that stupid secret task nonsense with Rylan however I did pick up some traits. While Rylan appeared to be fairly diplomatic, Frankie was often upfront about his picks especially when confining Razor Ruddock to the horrible basement as the two have a bit of history. Frankie at the moment is a contestant I can’t place but I’m sure over the next few days his true colours will come out and we’ll see whether he’ll be a potential winner or someone who just fades into the background. 

Rylan Clark

Why is he famous? Some would say his fame is questionable but he became the undoubted star of last year’s X-Factor despite having not much singing talent. Rylan survived most weeks through his colourful performances and his love/hate relationship with Gary Barlow which resulted in the programme’s funniest moment. Since X-Factor Rylan has filled in for Richard Arnold on Daybreak and thankfully hasn’t done much singing. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Even before The X-Factor, Rylan had his hand in the reality TV world as a contestant on Katie Price’s talent show as well as auditioning for several other high profile programmes.

First Thoughts: I think like a lot of people I came round to Rylan during his time on X-Factor after initially writing him off as a novelty act I find him one of the highlights of the show. Judging from the crowd reaction and the embraces he received from some of his fellow housemates he’s definitely one of the favourites and as long as his one-liners and Essex dialogue don’t start to grate then he could well be one of the contenders for the final. 

Paula Hamilton

Why is she famous?: An old school model, Paula came to prominence when she appeared in a 1987 advert for Volkswagen which kickstarted a career in the modelling world. More recently she appeared as a judge on Britain’s Next Top Model which introduced her to a brand new audience. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Paula appeared on the daytime reality show Celebrity Five Go to where she had to share a holiday home with Christopher Biggins and Stuart Baggs. 

First Thoughts: Nutty as a box of frogs, I wasn’t surprised when it was revealed that Paula failed a psych examination to be part of one of the Channel 4 series of Celebrity Big Brother after all this is a woman whose best friend is a coconut named Boris. As she was the first one banished to the basement, where six celebrities must live for the first few days, Paula looked completely perplexed and later mistook Ryan as one of the show runners. I do think Paula will be evicted as soon is she is up for nomination as she is a pretty woman from a privileged background who female voters won’t take to which is a shame as as of right now she is definitely the most intriguing of the housemates mainly due to her erratic nature. 

Tricia Penrose

Why is she famous? A singer and actress, Tricia has appeared in a number of British drama and soaps including Corrie, Emmerdale and Boon however she is best known for playing singing barmaid Gina in Heartbeat. After she left Heartbeat Trisha had a somewhat unsuccessful singing career in which she released two singles that didn’t reach the Top 40 and also failed to represent as Eurovision after being knocked out of ‘ A Song for Europe’. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Tricia appeared as a contestant on Comic Relief Does Fame Academy alongside Tara Palmer-Tomkinson and Miranda Hart as well as being part of Celebrity Masterchef. 

First Thoughts: Tricia appears to be making up the numbers here and her VT seemed to suggest that she was one of those middle-aged women who you often see downing tequila shots at Yates’ Wine Lodge. While I’m sure Tricia will get on with her other housemates to me she seems like someone who won’t get much airtime and will be someone who won’t be nominated but will leave as soon as the public start voting for their winner. 

Ryan Moloney

Why is he famous? For being a part of the Neighbours cast for eighteen years as Toadfish Rebecchi the loveable rebel turned lawyer who has experienced plenty of trauma in his time on the soap including killing his first wife on their wedding day. Away from the soap Ryan became a spokesperson for weight loss company Lite and Easy who helped him shed the pounds while he also flies planes as a hobby and one day hopes to pilot a commercial jet. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: He hasn’t really had much time though he did appear alongside Mark Little on an episode of Channel 5’s Celebrity Wedding Planners last year. 

First Thoughts: I’m not going to lie I’m a massive Neighbours fan so with Toadie, I mean Ryan, appearing here he’s going to get my full backing. To be fair he came across as someone with a good sense of humour and somebody who can make fun of both himself and his character on the soap. I think as well he’ll find it the easiest to live in the basement as compared to his fellow sufferers as he doesn’t seem to have lived the same celebrity lifestyle as the majority of them have done. 

Gillian Taylforth

Why is she famous? She was one of the original cast members of Eastenders as she played Kathy Beale on and off from 1985 to 2000. After leaving Eastenders she appeared in all five series of Footballers Wives in which she famously had a saucy scene on a pool table while in edition she also appeared in ITV’s Jane Hall. In 2006 she appeared in The Bill as Sgt. Nikki Wright playing the role until 2008 when she left presumably to star in those Daz Adverts. Off screen Gillian’s personal life has made the front page of many a tabloid especially stories involving her relationship to her partner of 23 years Geoff Knihts 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Gillian became the first female contestant to be voted off of the 2008 series of Strictly Come Dancing. 

First Thoughts: Though Gillian looked fairly nervous when she stepped through those doors I feel that she’ll slip into the role of house mother fairly easily. She already seems to have made an effort to look after the young and inexperienced Lacey however I do see some fireworks flowing in the future if anyone brings up her tabloid-topping past. 

Sam Robertson

Why is he famous? Aged 18 Sam was cast in the role of Adam Barlow the son of Mike Baldwin and the grandson of Ken Barlow. In his three years on the soap Sam admits that he wasn’t much of an actor but by the time that he left had learnt quite a lot. From there he had a few small roles in low-rent TV series before being cast as Flynn in the E4 comedy-drama Beaver Falls which aired its second  and final series last year. 

Previous Reality TV
Sam participated on two series of Sky One’s celebrity footballing show The Match. 

First Thoughts: Sam is blatantly in the house as the male eye candy, unless of course Toadie from Neighbours is your thing if so carry on, though at least he seems to have a bit of personality. To be fair to the guy he didn’t make me want to punch him in the face as he was able to be honest about his acting ability in Corrie but then I started to find him annoying again when he began playing up for the crowd. Judging from what I’ve read on Twitter all of the ladies seem to love him so will probably save him when he’s up for eviction meaning that he may well make it to the final but I doubt he’ll win. 

Lacey Banghard

Why is she famous? Famous is a stretch perhaps but Lacey is known for being a Page 3 Girl and Glamour Model who won The Sun’s Page 3 Idol Contest in 2011. She then went on to appear in a number of lads mags including Zoo and Nuts. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: This is the first time most of us have heard of Lacey and I think it’s a blessing seeing as she has a particularly annoying voice. 

First Thoughts: I thought it was a little unfair for the crowd to take against in the way that she did as she really did nothing wrong apart from take her clothes off as part of her job. The problem Lacey is going to have is that people really don’t know her and because of her profession will only see a pair of boobs. What she does having going for her though is that she’s never been involved in any sort of kiss-and-tell therefore there isn’t any preconceived idea that she sleeps around. I feel that if you can get over that annoying voice and that ‘Bangers’, he real name by the way, does show even a modicum of personality then she could buck the trend of the glamour models being the first to get the boot. 

Claire Richards

Why is she famous? Claire was one fifth of 1990s novelty pop group Steps who had many hits most famously Tragedy and 5,6,7,8. After the band split Claire and fellow band mate H briefly toured as a duo and appeared as co-hosts on SMTV:Live. Claire then sunk into a deep depression and gained a lot of weight before shedding the pounds and reuniting with Steps in 2011. 

Previous Reality TV
Claire was a semi-finalist on the second series of Popstar to Operastar but lost out on a place in the final in a sing-off with Cheryl Baker. 

First Thoughts: Claire is possibly the most interesting members of the Steps gang to shove in a house as she’s freely admitted she’s suffered from depression before. I believe Claire’s weight issues and amiable nature will mean that female voters will take to her in the way they wouldn’t with say Lacey however I do fear she may fade into the background a little as at the moment she isn’t coming across as one of the stronger characters. However I can also see Claire as someone who’ll try to keep the piece when the arguments begin to flare up in the house which will inevitably happen with the basement bunch get to come upstairs. 

Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock

Why is he famous? For being one of the country’s most notorious footballers for his actions both on and off the pitch. Razor has played for a variety of teams including Millwall, Spurs and West Ham while he also played for the national team a massive one times. Since retiring from football Ruddock has appeared on a number of TV shows as diverse as The Jeremy Kyle Show, Fat Friends and James May’s Man Lab. 

Previous Reality TV Experience: Razor appeared on the third series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here alongside former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Kerry Katona. 

First Thoughts: As has been well-reported ‘Razor’ is the last minute replacement for Jim Davidson and personally I feel he’s a better choice as he’s not one to mince his words. Despite seeing him on I’m A Celebrity I still feel Razor has one of the biggest personalities in the house and could easily be on the end of most of the arguments in the house and I could easily see he and Spencer coming to blows. While I can’t see Razor winning the programme I still think that he’ll be one of the biggest characters in there and I’m not just talking about his size either. 

Spencer Pratt and
Heidi Montag

Why are they famous? For being American reality TV royalty as the pair, nicknamed Speidi, became the breakout stars on the MTV show The Hills. Since that time both have experienced ups and downs as Spencer filed for bankruptcy while Heidi appeared in Playboy as well as attempting to make it as a pop star. The pair were married firstly in 2008 but since then have renewed their vows twice and they may well get married again before the three weeks of Big brother have come to an end. 

Previous Reality TV
As well as both being on The Hills, the pair appeared on the American version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here where they quit and returned before leaving again. 

First Thoughts: I think these two will easily fill the ‘hate figure’ roles especially Spencer who basically made enemies of all of his fellow housemates by describing them all as ‘freaks’ in his opening VT. Once voted the biggest reality TV villains on US TV I feel that Speidi’s outbursts will be a highlight of this series and I wouldn’t be surprised if they kick up a right fuss on the first night seeing as they’ve been confined to the basement and all. 

So there you are four soap stars, an ex-model, a pair of US Reality stars, an X-Factor contestant, a page three girl, a 90s pop group member and a disgraced jockey are your line-up for Celebrity Big Brother and I personally think they show promise. I just think it’s a shame that the show dragged tonight, due in part to that twist which dominated the programme, as this line-up is an interesting one and hopefully in the next couple of days this will develop into one of the stronger Big Brother series that Channel Five have aired. 

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