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It’s that time of year again. Yes, along with a vast cavalcade of crime dramas, Channel Five have presented us with another series of Celebrity Big Brother. As always we at The Custard are here to help you out with a handy cut out and keep guide to this year’s housemates.

Katie Hopkins 

Who is she? Former Apprentice semi-finalist who went on to find infamy as a talking head on This Morning passing judgement on fat people, tattoos and funny names. She recently received a lot of criticism on a tweet about an Ebola patient in Scotland.

Former Reality TV Experience: Aside from The Apprentice she also appeared in on the 2007 series of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here where she was second to be eliminated.

Will she be any Good?: A walking caricature, Katie will play the villain and as a result the viewers will keep her in to the bitter end.

Patsy Kensit  

Who is She?: An actress known for her roles in Emmerdale and Holby City on the small screen and Lethal Weapon 2 on the big screen. She’s as famous for her personal life and her marriages to Liam Gallagher and Jim Kerr.

Former Reality TV Experience: Patsy appeared on the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing, partnering Robin Windsor she was eliminated in the latter stages of the contest.

Will she be any Good? Despite her glamorous appearance Patsy came across as incredibly down-to-Earth in her opening VT. However, I feel that her awareness of the cameras means that she’ll be one of the quieter housemates.

Perez Hilton 

Who is He?: A Celebrity Blogger who has garnered criticism for his outing of certain male celebrities and was recently blasted for posting those infamous Jennifer Lawrence photos. Outside of the blogging world, Perez was also in an episode of The Sopranos and has appeared in numerous music videos.

Former Reality TV Experience: Perez has featured in his own reality series and hosted an incredibly rubbish ITV2 show which showed how close he was to certain celebrities.

Will he be any good?: He’ll certainly talk the most but how much of what he says will actually be interesting is another thing all together.

Ken Morley 

Who is He?: A soap legend thanks to his role as Reg Holdsworth in Coronation Street he’s also appeared in ‘Allo ‘Allo, ITV sitcom Hardware and that Safestyle UK advert. Since leaving the Street he’s gone on to be a pantomime regular becoming a favourite in a number of shows.

Former Reality TV Experience: He’s appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, Come Dine With Me and most recently Celebrity Masterchef.

Will he be any good?: Ken is the quintessential British eccentric although he already looks a little lost in the house and may get overwhelmed by the louder personalities.

Cami Li 

Who is She?: According to her she’s a tattoo model whose appeared on the cover of several tattoo magazines. She’s probably become more famous as the fiancée of former Towie star and ex-Celebrity Big Brother housemate Kirk Norcross.

Former Reality TV Experience: Not as far as I can see and I’m afraid to Google her as it will end up on my search history.

Will she be any Good?: Just like Jasmine Waltz, Cami has been put in the house for one reason and it’s not for the cooking. Obviously I can’t see Cami wearing a lot of clothes while she’s in the house and she’ll be the first to cook up some sort of showmance to get herself more screen time.

Calum Best 

Who is He?: Somebody who made a career out of being a ‘TV Personality’ thanks to being the son of legendary footballer George Best. Aside from all of his reality show appearance he also featured in the final episode of Footballer’s Wives.

Former Reality TV Experience: He’s made a career out of reality shows from Celebrity Love Island to Come Dine With Me. He also featured in his own MTV reality show; Totally Calum Best in which he tried to go without sex for fifty days.

Will he be any good?: I find him very bland but there’s no denying that he looks good with his top off so the girls will probably love him. Look for him and Cami to spend a lot of time together on screen.

Alicia Douvall 

Who is She?: A glamour model who made a name for herself due to her kiss and tell escapades with everyone from Mick Hucknall to Shaggy. She’s also had a ton of plastic surgery done and apparently owns a skincare range.

Former Reality TV Experience: She also briefly appeared on Celebrity Love Island but also featured in two one-off documentaries on BBC Three which looked at the relationship between her and her teenage daughter Georgia.

Will she be any Good?: As a big fan of those BBC Three documentaries she never seems to be all there and I think she will slip into the background on Big Brother. She’s one of my odds on favourites to be the first out.

Alexander O’Neall 

Who is He? A legendary soul singer whose most famous hits are ‘Fake’, ‘Never Knew Love Like This’ and ‘Criticize’. He’s also famous for having a passionate group of female fans of a certain age.

Former Reality TV Experience: He appeared on a celebrity version of Wife Swap in 2008 where he was paired up with wine expert Jilly Goolden in which was possibly the most boring episode of the series.

Will he Be Any Good?: I honestly don’t think so, whilst there’s no denying he’s a talented man, he’s not got much of a personality to speak of and I do feel he’s going to do little of interest while he’s in the house.

Nadia Sawalha

Who is She?: Currently a TV presenter she’s a regular Loose Women panellist and presents a lot of food-related programmes. Like her sister Julia, Nadia also occasionally works as an actress and appeared in Eastenders for a few years as shady businesswoman Annie Palmer.

Former Reality TV Experience: She appeared in and won Celebrity Masterchef which allowed her to carve out a new career in cookery shows.

Will she be Any Good?: She to me looks like ‘the normal one’ but her ability to cook may stand her in good stead and there’s no denying that Loose Women tend to do well on the show.

Jeremy Jackson 

Who is He?: He’s most famous for playing Hobie Buchanan in Baywatch from 1991 to 1999. Since then he’s dabbled in music and has had a well-publicised drug problem.

Former Reality TV Experience: In the States, Jackson has appeared on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew but I’m not quite sure what this.

Will he be any Good?: His clothing ensemble he wore going into the house really told me all I want to know about him. By looking at him you’d definitely know he’s taken a lot of drugs but at the same time he seems to be aware that he’s not that much of a star. I’m hoping that he’ll at least get to participate in one Baywatch-themed task if only so we can here that show’s iconic theme tune.


Who is He?: At sixteen he became a teen icon and was a pop star during the mid to late 1990s. His biggest hit was ‘I Can Make You Feel Good’ which got to number eight in the UK Charts. However more recently he’s fallen on harder time.

Former Reality TV Experience: Made a comeback in 2013 when he gave an unsuccessful audition on an episode of The Voice UK. He also appeared in last year’s series of The Big Reunion when he formed a supergroup with the likes of Dane Bowers and Kenzie.

Will he be any Good?: He’s very honest about why he’s appearing on the show; to raise his profile although I don’t think he’ll be particularly entertaining.

Michelle Visage 

Who is She? A singer in the late 1980s and early 1990s, she had a number two hit with Two To Make it Right. She’s also a noteable radio show host and has co-hosted a number of shows with Drag Queen Ru Paul.

Former Reality TV Experience: Due to her relationship with Ru Paul she was cast as a judge on Ru Paul’s Drag Race. The pair have also recently released their own podcast.

Will she be any Good?: I really liked Michelle’s opening video she came across a proper dominant female and, unlike Katie Hopkins, I believed her opinionated persona.

Chloe Goodman

Who is She?: That’s a good question, apparently she’s a glamour model who appeared on MTV reality show Ex on The Beach. No me neither.

Former Reality TV Experience: Apart from Ex on the Beach she’s not really done anything on the telly before.

Will she be any good?: In a word ‘no’. Glamour model types never do well and I think a non-entity like Chloe won’t wash with Big Brother’s predominantly female audience. There’s also the fact that she’s probably going to make a beeline to Calum Best so that they can get it on sooner rather than later.

Keith Chegwin 

Who is He?: Cheggers of course. A National Treasure Cheggers has played pop, been on Swap Shop, gone down your doorstep and let it all hang out on Channel Five. He’s also appeared as himself on both Extras and Life’s Too Short.

Former Reality TV Experience: He famously signed up for Dancing on Ice only to get injured close to the first show and was replaced by Chico. He finally made it onto the show the next year but was one of the first few to be eliminated.

Will he be any good?: I’ll be disappointed if Cheggers isn’t the energetic presence that he’s presented himself as for years. Thankfully he’s promised that he won’t get nude again which is good news for everyone in the country.

Who do you think will last the course? And who will be evicted first? Let Us Know by Leaving a Comment Below.

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