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It’s that time of year again when Emma Willis gets all excited and we count try to figure out who the devil the ‘celebrities’ are. Initially there’s a backlash as we fail to recognise anyone outside of former X Factor or Apprentice contestants and maybe the odd soap star, but after a few days of watching their bonkers antics we forget we didn’t know who the heck the were and start obsessing about their every moment. I’m Rachel Hawkins and I’ve been a lover of Celebrity Big Brother for a long time. Here is my top 10 countdown of all the best moments of the show click on each one to watch a video (if you dare!)

10. CBB4: George Galloway & Pete Burns dancing in leotards

I apologise in advance for posting this video.  You may need to avert your eyes at certain points, especially if you’ve just eaten perhaps.  This video does need to be watched however, you need to see it to believe it! 

9.  CBB 1:  Vanessa Feltz showing just how handy she is with a piece of chalk 

I love the “no f**k off” when Big Brother calls her to the Diary room.  I’m a huge fan of Vanessa, I think she is incredibly intelligent and ridiculously articulate but one thing I always wonder – why do housemates wear their sunglasses inside?? 
8. CBB4:   Pete Burns

Just all of him.  He might not be doing anything in particular but the way he speaks, the things he says and his little ways mean he is a very memorable housemate.  He didn’t pretend to be anything he wasn’t, he was himself and didn’t care what others thought of him. Giving the V’s to the crowd on his entrance solidified his legend status for me!
He made good entertainment and probably made the series. 
7. CBB4:    Chantelle Houghton pretending to be a singer

Fair play to her, she must’ve been so nervous to have to sing in front of a group of, let’s face it, very opinionated housemates.  Especially when she doesn’t know the words to what is supposed to be her own song, and she knows she has to convince them of her alleged pop star status.  I love the look on the faces of the other housemates, they can’t quite believe what they’re hearing! 
6. CBB9:   Natalie Cassidy’s challenge

Before Natalie appeared on CBB, I was far from a fan of hers.  Especially when she did that awful fly on the wall show with her then fiancée.  Oh it was bad.  However, I was the first to admit just how great she was on CBB9.  She took her challenge to say awkward things to fellow housemates with pure gusto, she was fab.  I even have to admit, I became quite fond of her and thought she was evicted far too early.  Just how terrified does poor Frankie Cocozza look in this clip? 
5. CBB13:  Jasmine returns to the house 

Awkward is the word I’m looking for here.  Lee Ryan looks like he wants the ground to open up and swallow him whole and Casey looks like she might want to join him too.  Jasmine delivers her monologue with such precision and you can see she’s been carefully planning exactly she wants to say.  I loved this series, it’s probably in my Top 3 favourite CBB’s of all time.  
4. CBB12: Lauren Harries takes a tumble

I know, I shouldn’t laugh at another’s misfortune but Lauren Harries falling over provides me with endless laughs and fellow viewers of CBB12 will recall just how often she fell over.  I think she may have been the most clumsiest housemate of all time.  
3. CBB15:  The gobs***e that was Perez Hilton.

Where do I start?  Perez began his stay in the most famous house in the country with little controversy, although I was annoyed at how fake he was when he was introducing himself, he had his blogger/journalist hat well and truly on his head.  
It didn’t take long for his true self to peep through and I’ll remember CBB15 fondly for the arguments he had with Katie Hopkins.  He was so insufferable, which compared to Katie Hopkins herself, is quite a feat.  
2. CBB 3    “Yeah Jackie”

Wasn’t she simply amazing? Brigitte Nielson’s face when she’s confronted with the fact her ex mother in law is now her housemate is a picture.  Jackie Stallone really didn’t give one did she?  
1. CBB 4    George Galloway & Rula Lenska ‘feline the occasion’

I reckon this would feature in a lot of CBB fans’ Top 10’s.   It makes me cringe beyond words, but just sums up for me why Big Brother is such a brilliant show. 
Luckily with the beauty of YouTube and the like, George Galloway will never be able to escape the fool he made of himself on television.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s hoping that tonight’s new series provides more moments like these. Celebrity Big Brother Starts Tonight at 9.00pm on Five!


Contributed by Rachel Hawkins

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